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Megan Black

BlogBooker - Blog Book - 20 views

    BlogBooker is a free site that turns your blog into a PDF book from all the blog's entries and comments. It works with WordPress, LiveJournal and Blogger blogs. It is very simple. You export your blog (slightly different process for each blog service - BlogBooker has instructions for you) and then upload it to BlogBooker. It then assembles everything into a high-quality PDF file. This can take a few minutes or longer depending on the size of your blog. This is a great way to print your BlogBook or make an archive/backup of the blog. It could also be useful for students and educators as a way to save a blog as a portfolio item.
Scott Kinkoph

Creative Commons - LiveBinder - 14 views

    Creative Commons LIveBinder for many different links
Toni Olivieri-Barton

Technology Links - 8 views

    Resource for all teachers, administrators and Parents.
Fred Delventhal

History Engine: Tools for Collaborative Education and Research | Home - 5 views

    "The History Engine is an educational tool that gives students the opportunity to learn history by doing the work-researching, writing, and publishing-of a historian. The result is an ever-growing collection of historical articles or "episodes" that paints a wide-ranging portrait of life in the United States throughout its history and that is available to scholars, teachers, and the general public in our online database." Via
Kathy Benson

MentorMob - Learn What You Want, Teach What You Love - MentorMob - 27 views

    Tool which allows you to make a playlist of websites or apps for students
Carlos Martín

About us | Cosas que encuentro para clase - 2 views

    Spin-off from the Facebook group with the same name which some teachers created last year. Most of us are teachers at Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas, and we like to share ideas, links and debate in Facebook, but we thought that all these posts would be better organized if we had a group so they wouldn't be lost among other entries in our personal Facebook wall. When the group started to grow (there are 92 of us already), we realized that we were missing some kind of categorization, so we thought a blog would do the trick. And here we are. We choose the ideas that are more popular among the posts in our group in Facebook and write a post here.
Judy Arzt

The Best Collections of Web 2.0 Tools for Education - 26 views

    This blog post provides links to some of the best online collections of information Web 2.0 tools to use in education. It is a not to be missed blog posting, with links to websites, etc. to find excellent information and resources.
Martin Burrett

Super Teacher Tools - 12 views

    A nice collection of tools and resources for your classroom, including a quiz maker, 'Who wants to be a millionaire' game, a random pupil name generator and more.
M Jesús García San Martín

School D-Days - 1 views

    Propuesta didáctica para la celebración de los Días D en la clase de inglés.
David Hilton

E-learning - Online Tools and Applications on Go2Web20 - 14 views

    Compilation of e-learning web 2.0 tools. 
edutopia .org

Summer PD: New Teacher Boot Camp Week 3 - Using Storybird | Edutopia - 12 views

    Part three of our New Teacher Boot Camp: Boot Campers are playing with this powerful drag-and-drop storytelling tool this week.
Dean Mantz

80 Online Tools, References, and Resources | Edutopia Group Discussions by and for Educ... - 18 views

    Some new and some common education resources.
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