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Suzie Nestico

Using Diigo in the Classroom - Student Learning with Diigo - 42 views

  • Save important websites and access them on any computer. Categorize websites by titles, notes, keyword tags, lists and groups. Search through bookmarks to quickly find desired information. Save a screenshot of a website and see how it has changed over time. Annotate websites with highlighting or virtual "sticky notes." View any annotations made by others on any website visited. Share websites with groups or the entire Diigo social network. Comment on the bookmarks of others or solicit comments to your shared bookmarks.
  • Professional Development Beyond extended student learning, Diigo can be used as a form of professional development. Diigo has several educator groups that are active in sharing and collaborating on bookmarks relevant to education. This group has almost 10,000 members. You can find over 200 other Diigo K-12 education groups here.
edutopia .org

Reflect on Your Social, Emotional, and Character Development Work this Past School Year... - 2 views

    A great checklist to reflect on your social, emotional, and character development work during the past teaching year.
Fred Delventhal

academHacK - 0 views

    this blog is going to try to chronicle how I use technology in an effort to teach and write more effectively. A couple of initial caveats: 1. This blog is decidedly biased towards the humanities. Both because that is where I work, and because it seems to me that is where the greatest resistance to technology has been. 2. This blog is also markedly Mac biased. While many of the hints and tricks I have developed work across a range of platforms or are web based, most of my work is done on a Mac. While there are certainly reasons to choose to run a PC over a Mac I find that for my needs, and I would argue for many in the humanities (the sciences can be a different matter) a Mac is a better choice. 3. I am by no means an expert. This is meant as a place to begin a discussion, I hope that others can contribute their experiences, hints and tips as well.
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