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Emily Vickery

Tag Galaxy - 0 views

    A tag search for Flickr that creates virtual planetary systems for related tags. Very nifty interface.
Kimberly Jurczak

Ms. Jurczak's Instructional Technology Blog: Developing a Technology Club - 0 views

    I am attempting to set up a technology club at my school and am looking for suggestions! This is a link to my blog where I outline the rough draft of the plan.
Vicki Davis

Classroom Innovation - Sallie Hill - BRVGS - 0 views

    A cool video from a teacher about how she is innovating in her classroom. This is an application for Google Teacher Academy and was made on Animoto and uploaded to Google Video. Great job!

    More applications for events and organizations are moving to the video format. Knowing how to produce compelling video will help your students get scholarships and you move ahead. Learn how to tell digital stories.

    Oh, and I'm so excited, it looks like I'll be at Google teacher academy in June -- it is going to be great!
    Excellent video applying for Google Teacher Academy on June 25th
Brandi Caldwell

Mediasite Presentation Catalog - 0 views

    Awesome free presentations from educause
Ben W

'Hard Times' by Matt Mason & Nicholas Felton - 0 views

    A short visual stimulating story describing the current paradigm shift occuring b/c of the use of technology.
Vicki Davis

Fluid - Free Site Specific Browser for Mac OS X Leopard - 0 views

    Mac users, I've heard this is a great tool.
Dave Truss

Open Thinking & Digital Pedagogy » Busy Time Rants - 0 views

  • Let us forget the term “technical support” and focus on “innovation support”.
    I LOVE this quote:
    Let us forget the term "technical support" and focus on "innovation support".
Dennis Richards

Arcademic Skill Builders: Online Educational Video Games - 1 views

    We Make Learning Fun!
    Our educational video games offer an innovative approach to teaching basic academic skills by incorporating features of arcade games and educational practices into fun online games that will motivate, intrigue, and teach your students.
Jeff Johnson

Giving Students' learning Choices Through Technology « Education with Technol... - 0 views

  • I wonder what school would be like if we could have more options and choices available to students. Sure all students have to learn the same basic standards. How much choice do we give the students in how they go about doing it? Do we provide lectures, demonstrations, guided instructions, interactive activities, group activities, and self-tests in various digital formats for them? By using technology we can have many different forms of learning the standard available to the students. What, if instead of lock stepping the class in terms of the students’ learning, we freed up the class to make their own choices? They can select in what order or format to see/hear/experience the learning.
Angela Maiers

YouTube - Learning to Change-Changing to Learn - 0 views

    Learning to Change Changing to Learn Advancing K-12 Technology Leadership, Consortium for School Networking(COSN) Video
    Say this again today, and forgot how good it really is!
Christopher Lister

Growing Up Online | FRONTLINE | PBS - 0 views

    Investigates how the Internet is transforming the experience of childhood
Laurie Fowler

I Don't Read Books - 0 views

    for elearning course on reading
Vicki Davis

Reflection - Horizon Project 2008 - 0 views

    Exceptional post about why global collaborative projects are important
    This student has written an exceptional post-project reflection. I hope you'll take time to read it. Here is an excerpt:

    "There is no doubt that this technology is dangerous. It is apparent that few people, not adults, not teenagers, truly understand how collaboration, conduct, and manners affect the internet. This project has to teach others that as well. It is necessary to know how to handle yourself on the internet. That's why Horizon Project is so important. We have to educate tomorrow's leaders how to use new technology without abusing it. The highlight of this project is the education we are giving every single person who has been a part of the Horizon Project."
Vicki Davis

Ning Status - 0 views

    This is where they post the status and maintenace downtimes for Ning, if you ever have an outage or a plant o demo it, you might want to check it out.
J Black

21CTools » home - 0 views

    Thanks-Liz! This is wonderful!
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