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Martin Burrett

STEM education around the world by @HowToSTEM - 1 views

    "How does STEM education differ between these countries? Who is doing it 'best'? We've done our research and these are the findings"
Martin Burrett

If Technology Fails, Use Basic Math Skills - Count Manually!! by @johnkaiser13 - 0 views

    "Technology has inevitably been inserted to nearly all aspects of our lives today. First and foremost, the use of computerised cash registers have been around for a few decades now. Trying to remember cash registers which operated without a digital display might be nearly impossible. The generation which might be able to do so has been replaced with a new generation who depend on technology to a large degree. The dependence on new technology is starting to 'show signs' of the effect of converting from our analogue counterparts. Below is an example that I recently experienced the effect of technology in a transaction at a doughnut shop."
Dean Mantz

Cool math 4 kids - math games, math puzzles, math lessons - designed for kids and fun! - 0 views

    This site provides games for different mathematic concepts as well as a link to prealgebra lessons.
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