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Patti Porto

TPACK - activitytypes - 14 views

    "This is a virtual place for folks interested in learning to "operationalize TPACK" (Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge) using curriculum-based learning activity types ('LATs'), teaching strategies, and performance assessments. The curricula in which we are developing and refining learning activity type and teaching strategies taxonomies appear on the left"
edutopia .org

Unlocking Learning Mastery | Edutopia - 8 views

    Gamification is one response. By embedding diverse achievements into activities and assessments, learning progress can be refracted infinitely. These systems would be able to more flexibly respond to unique learner pathways and abilities, and would further serve as encouragement mechanics -- instead of one carrot stick, there are hundreds. And not just carrots, but every fruit and vegetable imaginable.
darren mccarty

President's Day Game - 6 views

    How many Presidents do you recognize? There are over 4000 K-12 games for teachers and students on
Vicki Davis

Wolfram|Alpha: Examples by Topic - 17 views

    Examples of how wolfram alpha can be used in the classroom. From math to physics to research and economics, you can use this data crunching engine in very powerful ways. Another important tool for students and authentic researchers of all ages.
edutopia .org

How to Help Your Students Observe the 9/11 Anniversary | Edutopia - 12 views

    Edutopia blogger Suzie Boss shares a variety of online resources to assist educators when teaching students about Sept 11.
Suzie Nestico

Kids Programming Website - 19 views

    Small Basic is a lighter version of Visual basic. Interesting site to start kids out programming from a problem solving perspective. Demo'ed at #140ed conference to show how programming is not boring for kids.
Ted Sakshaug

My Big Campus - Connect. Collaborate. Learn. - 7 views

    My Big Campus extends the classroom to a safe, engaging online environment.
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