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UKEdMag: Careers when Leaving Teaching | - Supporting the #UKEdChat Educat... - 3 views

    A look at the careers teachers turn to when if they leave the profession
Martin Burrett

Exploring the Blue Sky - 7 views

    Blog post exploring the opportunities for professional development
Martin Burrett

Reach Out and Teach - 5 views

    Blog post about how more educators can share ideas and resources online and the tools with which to do it.
Suzie Nestico

Education Week: District Leaders Get Dose of Teaching Common Core - 8 views

    Focus on close reading in Common Core.  Many fear teachers are not prepared for this dramatic a shift where the textbook is the first, sole focus.  
Vicki Davis

Twitter for PE Teachers « Mr Robbo - The P.E Geek - 10 views

    A great tutorial on how to set up a Twitter account from @mrrobbo . He targeted the information to PE teachers but really, any teacher who wants to start using twitter would benefit from this. If you are a PE teacher, you'll want to follow @ThePEGeekApps to find new apps to use in your health and physical education courses.
Suzie Nestico

k12wiki - tagging to help teachers - 18 views

    Wiki with detailed explanation of how to tag articles
David Wetzel

Why Teach Science and Math? | Teaching Science and Math - 4 views

    As former elementary science and math education professor, I was always encouraging preservice teachers to teach science and math from a hands-on, minds-on perspective. My goal was single minded in the sense that for students to learn science and math their curiosity must peaked. This was always a challenge because most of these preservice teachers learned science and math by rote memorization of facts. Their prior knowledge and experience had few opportunities to actually investigate science phenomena and truly understand the usefulness of math.
edutopia .org

Team Teaching: How to Work with a Partner | Edutopia - 8 views

    Exploration of team teaching and it's challenges.
Melinda Waffle

5 myths about teachers that are distracting policymakers - The Answer Sheet - The Washi... - 15 views

  • we are obsessing on a small problem while we give short shrift to professional development strategies that could move large numbers of teachers from satisfactory to excellent
  • removing ineffective teachers has much more to do with ill-trained and supported administrators than tenure rules
  • scholars from Vanderbilt University and the RAND Corporation plainly conclude that “rewarding teachers with bonus pay, in the absence of any other support programs, does not raise student test scores.”
Kelly Faulkner

Presentation Skills for Teachers - 35 views

    Great presentation on keeping our teaching presentations simply, appealing to our students, and to the point.
    a handy reminder on visually presenting material
Dean Mantz

Negro Leagues Baseball eMuseum - 6 views

    History of the Black (Negro) Baseball League. Teacher resources provided.
Jacques Cool

Educational Leadership:The Effective Educator:Evaluations That Help Teachers Learn - 14 views

    A good system of teacher evaluation must answer four questions: How good is good enough? Good enough at what? How do we know? and Who should decide?
Dave Truss

What makes a great teacher? - Practical Theory - 25 views

    I've seen teachers who worked for hours on their lessons, who were scholars in the field fail miserably, and I've seen teachers who, if you gave them five minutes before they walked in to glance over their material, they could run a class for an hour on any topic under the sun. In the end, what makes a great teacher?
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