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Martin Burrett

STEM education around the world by @HowToSTEM - 1 views

    "How does STEM education differ between these countries? Who is doing it 'best'? We've done our research and these are the findings"
Walter Antoniotti

One-Page Class Handouts - 0 views Mathematics Financial Accounting US Political Economy Economic Issues Violence Problems Middle East History Statistics Educat...

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started by Walter Antoniotti on 13 Nov 16 no follow-up yet
Vicki Davis

PAEMST » Home - 1 views

    Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Sciences are open. Anyone - principals, teachers, parents, students or members of the general public - may nominate exceptional mathematics or science teachers who are currently teaching grades K-6 for the 2014 award year.
Vicki Davis

Welcome to CK-12 Foundation | CK-12 Foundation - 2 views

    Free textbooks in a variety of topics on CK-12. This is promoted as "learning made simple." Do students know how to find and download alternate sources of information? Can they find and search for the topics they are currently studying? This is a valuable way to compare and research topics.
Kathy Benson

PBS Teachers | Cyberchase - 5 views

    Great videos on science and math content
Brendan Murphy

Whiteboarding Mistake Game: A Guide « Physics! Blog! - 10 views

  • your job is to ask questions of the group up front. If you think there is something they need to change about their board, you need to ask them questions to get them to change it.
    • Brendan Murphy
      Don't tell them what is wrong, but rather ask questions until they fix what is wrong.
  • they must walk their peers through their thinking so that their mistake will be highlighted.
  • group always has the option to act as though it were intentional
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • there is a need for that quiet reflection.
  • Students are delightfully picky about each other’s work
  • Asking questions is tough!
Julie Shy

Gooru - 10 views

    Gooru is a free platform for students and teachers to access standards-based online resources in organized "playlists" for learning. Created by a Google employee, it's run by a nonprofit group called Ednovo. Students can access "ClassBooks"-collections of textbooks, videos, and assessments-on any topic, and they can interact with their peers and teachers while studying. Teachers can search for standards-aligned web resources organized into "ClassPlans," which they can customize and share with the larger community. In short, educators can use the site to search and teach, while students can use it to search and study; the website's tagline is "learning is social."
Vicki Davis

NSEW collection - Resources - TES - 3 views

    Some great lessons to use for science and Engineering week (in the UK but why not bring it over the pond) March 9-18th. If you are promoting STEM here are some fun lessons including the squashed tomato challenge.
Andrea O'Brien

Inquiry Based Lesson Plans - 13 views

    Offers a few lesson plans based on Math or Science and grade level
Erin Fitzpatrick

Magic Tricks for Teachers - 3 views

    Great hooks that will help you grab attention in any classroom, any age! 
David Wetzel

Warning: Flipping Your Classroom May Lead to Increased Student Understanding | Teaching... - 15 views

    Flipping a classroom is not a teaching technique, it is more in line with a philosophy or way of teaching. It involves using technology as a tool, not the main focus, for helping students increase their understanding of science or math concepts.

Is it Math or Physics? - 9 views

    Great activity for middle and high school level students.
Vicki Davis

Wolfram|Alpha: Examples by Topic - 17 views

    Examples of how wolfram alpha can be used in the classroom. From math to physics to research and economics, you can use this data crunching engine in very powerful ways. Another important tool for students and authentic researchers of all ages.
Beth Kappus

Engineering for the 21st Century - 14 views

    This site is a great resource for teachers who need information on incorporating engineering into the science and math curriculum.
Claude Almansi

How Music Works | Brain Pickings - 1 views

    09 DECEMBER, 2010 How Music Works by Maria Popova "What Stanley Kubrick has to do with Medieval harmonies and universal lullabies. Music. It's hard to imagine life without it. How flat would a world be where films have no scores, birthdays no 'Happy Birthday,' Christmas no carols, gym workouts no playlists? Music is so ubiquitous and affects us so deeply, so powerfully. But how much do we really know about it? How well do we understand its emotional hold on our brains? How Music Works, a fascinating program from BBC4 (the same folks who brought us The End of God?: A Horizon Guide to Science and Religion), explores just that. Composer Howard Goodall takes us on a journey into music's underbelly, examining the four basic elements that make it work: Melody, rhythm, harmony and bass."
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