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Brendan Murphy

How to fix our schools - 4 views

  • Listen, I love basketball. But the smartest kid in the school…should be getting as much attention as the basketball star. That’s a change that we’ve got to initiate in our community.”
  • school systems will have to develop better ways of identifying good and bad teachers.
  • In addition to teacher quality, they should pay attention to school leadership, curriculum improvement, and school organization.
Jeff Johnson

A $100 Billion Question: How Best to Fix the Nation's Schools? - Class Struggle - Jay M... - 0 views

    If you had $100 billion to fix our schools, what would you do? A surprisingly smart list of suggestions for the education portion of the federal stimulus money is circulating in the education policy world. A group of experts claims authorship. I don't believe committees are capable of good ideas, so I doubt the alleged origins of the list. But let's put that aside for a moment and see what they've got.

    Better yet, why not come up with our own ideas? My column seeking cheap ways to improve education yielded interesting results. By contrast, think of what we could do if we had enough money to buy the contract of every great quarterback: guarantee the Redskins a Super Bowl victory. Many expensive school-fixing schemes proved just as insane and just as useless. But Barack Obama is president, and we are supposed to be hopeful.
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