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Vicki Davis

3 Reasons Coding Should Be a Core Subject | Getting Smart - - 6 views

    Research and information on why coding should be in every school. I'm intrigued by the Algebra/ Coding curriculum mentioned.
Vicki Davis

TEDxManhattanBeach - Thomas Suarez - iPhone Application Developer. . .and 6th Grader - ... - 8 views

    Lots of talk in technology circles about 6th grader Thomas Suarez an iphone programmer.His best selling app is Bustin Jieber a Justin Beiber "Whack a Mole." He shares how he learned how to program an app. How he taught himself the iPhone Software Development kit.  He started an "app club" at school where any kid at school can come and learn how to design an app. He is part of an ipad pilot program. The students are asking teachers to help them design apps for education and the money is going into local education foundation. 
Suzie Nestico

Kids Programming Website - 19 views

    Small Basic is a lighter version of Visual basic. Interesting site to start kids out programming from a problem solving perspective. Demo'ed at #140ed conference to show how programming is not boring for kids.
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