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Martin Burrett turns blogs into podcasts! - 12 views

    This online tool converts the text on webpages to a downloadable MP3 to listen to quickly.
Martin Burrett

Kids Chinese Podcast - 2 views

    This is a superb site for finding downloadable podcast for kids to learn Mandarin. Not all the resources are free, but there are lots of really useful resource that are, including over a hundred audio files lessons and for learning pinyin.
Martin Burrett

Radiowaves - 4 views

    A website with lots of ideas and advice for making podcast for schools. It is also a place for children to upload and listen to podcasts.
Ana Cobos

10 ideas básicas sobre podcasts | - 4 views

    Ideas básicas sobre el uso de podcast
Jennifer Garcia

Record by phone with - 7 views

    "# record using your phone or VoIP
    Recording audio has never been easier! Simply call us using a touch-tone telephone or a VoIP client. No microphone or audio editing software required.

    VoIP recording is FREE! Telephone recording is just $0.10/min - there are no other costs involved.
    # create podcasts
    Are you an audiophile? No. Then why concern yourself with the complexities of podcasting? Let us do the heavy lifting. Yes. Upload your studio produced episodes. Each of your channels can be subscribed to by an RSS client like iTunes, IE7, Firefox or any number of web-based portals.
    # post audio to your blogs
    Post audio content to your blogs! We integrate with popular blogging software like Blogger, TypePad, WordPress and more!
    # create audio greetings
    Create audio greetings to welcome users to your website! Or use a greeting as an audio avatar or signature in an email!
    # host conference calls
    Connect with colleagues and friends in conference calls!
    # tell me more "
Nelly Cardinale

Yodio - Add voice to photos - 30 views

    Add Voice to photos and embed in a site.
Jazzper I

Voxopop - a whole new way to talk online - 12 views

  • That's right! Voxopop talkgroups let you discuss your interests and passions with people from all over the world, using your real voice. It's a whole new way to talk online. Find talkgroups to join, or start your own and spread the word. Great for families & friends, interest groups, website owners, bloggers, podcasters and teachers. Start talking, it's FREE!
    • Jazzper I
      Me like!
Kelly Faulkner

Audioboo - 1 views

    easy and quick video podcast
  • ...1 more comment...
    "Record and playback digital recordings up to 5 minutes long which can then be posted on" to your personal Audioboo profile page.

    You can record your "boos" by phone, with the iPhone app or through your web browser.

    AudioBoo is iTunes ready making it the easiest way to begin podcasting.
    Recording and uploading audio quickly and easily
    an easy way to record & share audio files
Ted Sakshaug

chirbit - micropodcasts - audio nuggets - 0 views

    Chirbit is a free online tool for audio sharing.
    Chirbit enables users to record, upload, listen to and share sound bites easily.
    Chirbit is simple, useful and fun.
    You can now use iPhone Voice Memos to post to chirbit.
Fred Delventhal

Podcast directory for educators, schools and colleges - 0 views

    In our podcast directory, you can freely access a variety of educational content from over 5000 podcasts from different podcast channels, including a range of audio, enhanced and video channels to illustrate examples of "educational podcasting" to support effective teaching and learning in schools, colleges and universities.
Fred Delventhal

HOW TO: Convert Your Blog Into a Podcast on iTunes for Free - 0 views

  • valuable tool for the visually impaired
  • Easy 10-Step Setup Guide for Text-to-Speech Conversion
    Easy 10-Step Setup Guide for Text-to-Speech Conversion for Blogs
Jeremy Davis

Convert Text to Speech Free. Listen to any document, website or blog - 0 views

    Text to speech for free
Dean Mantz

Royalty Free Music - 0 views

    Royalty-free music that one could use for presentations and multi-media projects.
Vicki Davis

ccMixter - 0 views

    Creative commons remix website for video makers and podcasters. Cool.
    Creative commons remix website.
    Place to remix and work with podcasts.
Angela Maiers - making science user-friendly - 1 views

    short videos and podcasts for science classes in middle school and up
    Great science resources for MS/HS teachers
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