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Vicki Davis

Math Shorts - Planet Nutshell - 0 views

    Some cool short videos for math teachers. These seem to be mostly for upper elementary/ middle/ high school but some great videos. Share with math teachers and find some that work for you. Very nice!
Walter Antoniotti

leaders thoughts on education - 5 views

I collected this one page of ideas over the last 20 years any thoughts

all_teachers bestpractices curriculum elementary middleschool

started by Walter Antoniotti on 23 Mar 16 no follow-up yet
Mark Gillingham

The Great Books Foundation | Book Notes Plus - 5 views

  • Another project for the common folks that Adler shepherded was the formation of the Great Books Foundation.  The purpose of the Foundation was to produce a series of inexpensive paperback books that contained works that Adler thought were important.  Since the sets were inexpensive, everyone in a book group would be able to buy a set, and then get together to discuss the diverse selections therein.
  • Regardless of where you live, there is probably a Great Books Discussion Group nearby.  Here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana there has been a Group for over 40 years, and I have been in it, off and on, for many of those years.  When our son was in elementary school he was in a Junior Great Books Discussion Group for a while, and my wife was the leader.  You will even find Great Books Discussion Groups in prisons.  A friend of mine led a group at a state prison for a time, and said that the discussions were among the best he ever took part in.
    The Great Books Foundation is a nonprofit educational organization based in Chicago, IL. 
Brendan Murphy

Whiteboarding Mistake Game: A Guide « Physics! Blog! - 10 views

  • your job is to ask questions of the group up front. If you think there is something they need to change about their board, you need to ask them questions to get them to change it.
    • Brendan Murphy
      Don't tell them what is wrong, but rather ask questions until they fix what is wrong.
  • they must walk their peers through their thinking so that their mistake will be highlighted.
  • group always has the option to act as though it were intentional
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • there is a need for that quiet reflection.
  • Students are delightfully picky about each other’s work
  • Asking questions is tough!
edutopia .org

Improving Executive Function: Teaching Challenges and Opportunities | Edutopia - 8 views

    Neurologist and educator Judy Willis on the importance of igniting and developing students' executive function -- a part of the brain that controls critical thinking, creativity, and complex decision-making.
edutopia .org

Replicating Success: Project-Based Learning | Edutopia - 19 views

    In this Schools that Work story, we profiled a rural school district in Northwest Georgia using their resources carefully to replicated successful Project-Based Learning. 
edutopia .org

Assessing the Common Core Standards: Real Life Mathematics | Edutopia - 7 views

    Frequent Edutopia blogger Andrew Miller discusses his strategy for using real world math in order to make math relevant to students.
edutopia .org

How to Manage the "Late to the Game" Parent | Edutopia - 4 views

    Guest blogger Holden Clemens (pseudonym) describes the frustrations of working with "late to the game" parents and how to better manage parent communications. 
ellen phillips

ISTE2011comics - home - 10 views

    Workshop Wiki created for ISTE participants in Comics in the Classroom workshop on Sunday, June 26, 2011.
Ruth Howard

Teacher Reboot Camp - 16 views

    A long list of short n juicy professional development online courses to jump into next few months
Ruth Howard

Maria Popova: In a new world of informational abundance, content curation is ... - 6 views

    Literacy literature digital literacy future of education curation of content.  Good writeup on Twitters role in curation
Julie Radachy

The Teaching Lab: Lesson Pans, Teaching Ideas and Classroom Resources - 18 views

    Includes a lesson plan search engine, teaching calendar, and teaching e-books.
Ruth Howard

Mentira - 7 views

    Virtual Reality game to learn Spanish language requires students to interact in real place also.
Ruth Howard

Donald Clark Plan B - 5 views

    The Extraordinary and the ordinary- the projected trajectories of current computer technologies and their application for sustained mind controlling outcomes. It's already here- we will be interacting with computers with our minds. Incredible applications for learning.
Barry Peterson

The Best Live Education Tool Available - 32 views

    Dear Educators, With this webcasting tool, you can connect live face to face with anyone, anywhere,, friends, students, teachers, colleagues, administrative groups, principals meetings, etc. without having to travel. You can even promote world peace by connecting with teachers and students in their classrooms worldwide and learning more about each other's country and culture The tools for your use include the ability to have live video chat, make PowerPoint presentations, stream video, share your desktop, record and share your presentation, and much more. Guests do not have to download any software. They simply click on the link to your conference that you send them, no cost, no travel and better yet, no wasted time. This tool is affordable and easily fits into a classroom, school or administartive office budget. As a former superintendent in the education system with more than 50 schools spread out 400 miles along a major highway, the ability to communicate with everyone in an efficient, effective and economical manner was essential. Hope you find this helpful. Best wishes, Barry
Barry Peterson

Connect Classrooms From Around The World - 17 views

    Connect classrooms, teachers, collaboration - all features are included.
Barry Peterson

Communication - The Key To Understanding Others - Communicate Face to Face With Anyone,... - 10 views

Connect live face to face with Anyone, Anywhere,, friends, students, teachers, Promote world peace by connecting teachers and students in their classrooms worldwide. http://tinyu...

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started by Barry Peterson on 30 Apr 11 no follow-up yet
Barry Peterson

Connect Administrators, Teachers and Classrooms, Anywhere, Anytime - 23 views

GVO Conference has no limits or restrictions. This system will take whatever you throw at it! GVO Conference requires absolutely no download and works on all operating systems. This highjly secure ...

administrator all_teachers bestpractices edublogger curriculum history literature math science technology language edu_news edu_trends edu_newapp digitalcitizenship techintegrator professionaldevelopment edublog web2 web3d elementary middleschool grants

started by Barry Peterson on 21 Apr 11 no follow-up yet
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