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Erin Sawyer

Super Teacher Worksheets - Free Printable Math Worksheets, Grammar Worksheets, Word Pro... - 0 views

    Excellent worksheets
adina sullivan

LibriVox - 0 views

    Public domain audiobooks
adina sullivan

Children's Picture Book Database at Miami University - 0 views

    found via Larry Ferlazzo's blog
Fred Delventhal

Reading Rockets : Audiobooks: Ideas for Teachers - 0 views

    Encourage students to become better listeners and readers through audiobooks.
Fredy Hernandez

Reading rockets - 2 views

shared by Fredy Hernandez on 17 Apr 08 - Cached
    Teaching kids to read and helping those who struggle
Vicki Davis

princecaspianproject wiki - 0 views

  • This project is open to all FOURTH to SIXTH GRADE STUDENTS Worldwide between the months of April to June, 2008
  • The main purpose of this project is provide a way for teachers to collaborate with other teachers all over the world about the book (and soon to be released) "PRINCE CASPIAN".
    An excellent project for 4th - 6th grade sudents from Jennifer Wagner called the Prince Caspian project which will allow teachers to collaborate with other teachers around the world about the book and the upcoming movie "Prince caspian."
    This project from Jennifer Wagner will allow literature teachers of grades 4-6 to collaborate to talk about the Prince Caspian move and the book. From April - June.
Carl Bogardu

National Archives Experience - 1 views

    Digital Vaults gives you and your kids a place to find raw materials that are arranged in ways that may make more sense to them. The site is set up a bit like a social network. Data is organized by tags and linked to both the tags as well as other resources. Like a social network, you can make your favorites documents / materials your "friends," search for new "friends" by using tags and create "mashups" using primary sources.
    Fabulous resource for Primary Sources! Very interactive.
    Digital archives 2010
Vicki Davis - Interactive Stories - 0 views

    Interactive stories website -- great for grades 3-8 and many great samples. This is great for teachers of writing.
Reggie Ryan

Collaboration and Community Constituents: An investigation into the key elements that b... - 0 views

  • They see the broad difference between the two as being the amount of self-determination or self-direction; with cooperative learning being very much teacher-controlled and collaborative learning being learner-controlled.
  • However, experientially I believe that what distinguishes collaboration from cooperation comes down to exactly what is shared. When cooperating, it is only physical resources (objects, time, money) or intellectual resources (knowledge, expertise) that are shared. Whereas when collaborating, in addition to these shared physical and intellectual resources, are shared goals, responsibilities, values, beliefs and attitudes. Some of these intellectual resources (both cognitive and affective) may become shared through the practice of cooperation but with collaboration they are factored in from the start. From this collaborative sharing comes synergy which adds value by producing something new and unique.
  • There is another important area that needs to be addressed with collaborative learning software which is related to communication; namely knowledge construction. It has been noted by researches that threaded discourse, of the type found in Lotus Notes and the majority Web-based conferencing software, actually works against convergent thinking processes over time (Hiltz, 1986; Harassim, 1990; Eastmond, 1994). It is found that this can have "a negative effect both on the learner's efforts to synthesize ideas, and on collaborative processes which become increasingly fragmented as discussion threads and individual interests diverge." (Hewitt, 1997).
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    • Reggie Ryan
      Commenting on threaded discussions and their inability to foster creative thinking. This leads to using wikis instead.
    Collaboration versus Cooperation in networked environment.
Vicki Davis

Ancient Civilizations - 0 views

    This is a fascinating site to explore ancient civilizations while looking at: cities, religion, technology, trade, writing, or buildings.
    This is a fascinating site to explore ancient civilizations while looking at: cities, religion, technology, trade, writing, or buildings. I could see many fascinating ways to use this tool, however, I keep wishing that having ways for students to add information and thoughts would begin to be a part of the focus of museums -- for indeed preserving how people think and reflect on things such as history is an amazing archival opportunity in itself!
Shaun Fletcher

We Tell Stories - 0 views

    Very cool use of google maps.
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