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Martin Burrett

Personalised Learning - Is it achievable? - 0 views

    "A fascinating discussion which looked at how it is possible to achieve personalised learning within classrooms at all levels. It was evident that the term 'Personalised Learning' had a different meaning to different people from different settings. Although 'official' definitions were offered, the ambiguity still remains. Is it really possible to personalise the curriculum for 30 individuals within a classroom envirnoment? Even more of a challenge to secondary colleagues who are faced with cohorts from different year groups within the same day - being faced with over 100 individual pupils within any day?"
Martin Burrett

Cooperative Learning for Engagement by @smwordlaw - 0 views

    "What is the biggest cause of behaviour disruptions in classrooms? Engagement. In general, when children are 100% engaged, there's no room for disruptions, because they want to learn. Easier said than done. We all know that as teachers we are faced with problems on a daily basis that are out of our control; children coming to school with no breakfast, very little sleep, or consumed by anxiety or stress. So how do we combat these issues and engage all children?"
Thomas Ho

Meaningful, Engaged Learning - 0 views

  • They are also energized by their learning; their joy of learning leads to a lifelong passion for solving problems, understanding, and taking the next step in their thinking
    • Thomas Ho
      I'm like this, BUT my students often are NOT!
  • Collaboration around authentic tasks often takes place with peers and mentors within school as well as with family members and others in the real world outside of school.
    • Thomas Ho
      This sounds tailor-made for social networking, doesn't it?
  • artifacts to assess what they actually know and can do.
    • Thomas Ho
      a learning STREAM is an artifact created as a "natural" byproduct of the learning process as documented by social media
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  • Instruction encourages the learner to construct and produce knowledge in meaningful ways.
  • Truly collaborative classrooms, schools, and communities encourage students to
  • lead conversations
  • work-related conversations
  • Flexible grouping, which allows teachers to reconfigure small groups according to the purposes of instruction
  • facilitator, guide, and learner
  • they become producers of knowledge, capable of making significant contributions to the world's knowledge
Dennis Richards

Back to the Classroom: The Forum for Education and Democracy - 0 views

  • sparking students’ intellectual curiosity by encouraging teachers to “teach to their passions”
  • Beacon’s freedom from the state Regents examinations in social studies – the result of a hard-earned waiver – allows for a thematic approach and a deep exploration unconstrained by coverage considerations.  
  • All classes will do extensive writing and revision, developing the skill of using evidence to support conclusions.  The students will engage in debates, make presentations, and have varied avenues to demonstrate what they have learned and accomplished.
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  • The chance to “make a difference” in young people’s lives is what makes teaching a calling.  But working in a community of learners that prizes real intellectual development and creativity, and having a level of control over what you can do on a daily basis, is what sustains that calling.
  • Making decisions about students, teachers and schools largely on the basis of standardized test scores ultimately is detrimental to the kind of education all young people need. 
    • Dennis Richards
      These are the choices we make in the classroom that have lasting impacts on student attitude toward learning.
    The chance to "make a difference" in young people's lives is what makes teaching a calling. But working in a community of learners that prizes real intellectual development and creativity, and having a level of control over what you can do on a daily basis, is what sustains that calling.
Angela Maiers

ConverStations: Engagement. Creativity Trumps Clever Every Time - 1 views

    Learning Engagement and Student Potential
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