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Vicki Davis

8 Types Of Infographics & Which One To Use When [Infographic] - 13 views

    Great infographic that will help you determine which type of infographic may be the best for you. This is more for adults and those teaching it, I wouldn't necessarily use this chart with students as it has some confusing terms like "number porn' (meaning an infographic with lots of numbers) that kids may not necessarily understand.
edutopia .org

Team Teaching: How to Work with a Partner | Edutopia - 8 views

    Exploration of team teaching and it's challenges.
Ted Sakshaug

How to Tell Time Without a Clock - wikiHow - 13 views

    For many people, knowing the correct time is vital to everyday life. If you're in an unfamiliar environment without any kind of clock, however, figuring out the time could be a matter of safety and survival. Without a clock or watch, finding the exact time may not be possible, but you can figure the approximate time using the sun, moon or stars.
Brendan Murphy

How to fix our schools - 4 views

  • Listen, I love basketball. But the smartest kid in the school…should be getting as much attention as the basketball star. That’s a change that we’ve got to initiate in our community.”
  • school systems will have to develop better ways of identifying good and bad teachers.
  • In addition to teacher quality, they should pay attention to school leadership, curriculum improvement, and school organization.
David Wetzel

How to do Well in an Online Class in Distance Education Courses - 13 views

    Enrolling in a distance education course can raise many concerns, with how to do well in an online class being a leading cause of for this anxiety. Avoiding this apprehension requires a good understanding of the process of using the computers during online classes. This also leads to the need for preparation, planning, and developing an understanding one's ability to learn and study.
Ruth Howard

Phil's Cooking Academy - 0 views

    interactive cooking classes for schools
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