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Shawn B

The Parent-Teacher Talk Gains a New Participant - - 0 views

  • At the student-led conferences, our children are learning to be organized and capable adults someday,” Ms. Issa said. “When I was growing up, my parents went to my conference, and I waited at home, scared they would come back with some concerns. With this new kind of conference, there are no secrets. “My daughter is learning that the teacher is not responsible for her learning. Cierra knows that she is responsible for her own success.”
Keith Hamon

education2020 » Unconference 2009 - 0 views

    Vicki Davis's tag to a post about how to give an unconference reminded me that I'm attending one now and have forgotten to refer it to you. Join in with some fine people in Scotland.
Vicki Davis

Yale Open Courses: The New Lineup | Open Culture - 0 views

    Yale is joining the open bandwagon and now has some more open courses including courses on "The American Novel Since 1945" "introduction to Greek History, Civil War History, France history since 1871, Milton, physics and engineering. There are great college level resources becoming available. There are also many audio books and online podcasts here.
    Great new open courseware from Yale.
Vicki Davis

Microsoft Innovative Teachers network - 0 views

    Another growing network for educators.
    Microsoft's Innovative teacher's network. Another network for teachers.
Vicki Davis

Earth Day - 22nd April - Blogging4Educators - 0 views

    What some teachers are doing for earthday - April 22nd -- some good ideas.
Vicki Davis

Libraries Shun Deals to Place Books on Web - New York Times - 0 views

  • Open Content Alliance
  • , a nonprofit effort aimed at making their materials broadly available.
  • Libraries that agree to work with Google must agree to a set of terms, which include making the material unavailable to other commercial search services. Microsoft places a similar restriction on the books it converts to electronic form. The Open Content Alliance, by contrast, is making the material available to any search service.
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  • many in the academic and nonprofit world are intent on pursuing a vision of the Web as a global repository of knowledge that is free of business interests or restrictions.
  • Many prominent libraries have accepted Google’s offer — including the New York Public Library and libraries at the University of Michigan, Harvard, Stanford and Oxford. Google expects to scan 15 million books from those collections over the next decade.
  • libraries and researchers worry that if any one company comes to dominate the digital conversion of these works, it could exploit that dominance for commercial gain.
  • “One is shaped by commercial concerns, the other by a commitment to openness, and which one will win is not clear.”
  • The Open Content Alliance is the brainchild of Brewster Kahle, the founder and director of the Internet Archive, which was created in 1996 with the aim of preserving copies of Web sites and other material.
    This New York Times article on the Open Content Alliance is an essential article for librarians and media specialists to read. It is also important for those following the fight for information and control of that information. In this case, the Open Content Alliance wants to make books that they scan available to any search engine while Microsoft and google are aggressively approaching libraries for exclusive access to their content. (which could be rescanned by another later, possibly.) Librarians and media specialists should understand this... when will people approach schools to scan annuals or student produced works? Maybe that is a while off, but for now, be aware that it is probably inevitable.
    An overview of the Open Content Alliance versus Google and Microsoft battling to take control of the content housed in libraries.
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