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Vicki Davis

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Join the Flat Classroom Global Book Club! #flatclass - 1 views

    It is finally here. Here are the details on our Flat Classroom global book club. (click the link for more) Every week for 10 weeks we will meet at an alternating time - 12 hours apart. (For the East Coast USA it is Sundays at 6 pm Eastern or Monday mornings at 6 am eastern)  Visit our Book club calendar to convert these times to your Time Zone. Subscribe to this calendar via Google calendar to keep up with events.This is Sunday evenings at 22:00GMT alternating with Monday mornings at 10:00GMT in our Blackboard Collaborate room .   The book club is free and everyone is welcome. #flatclass Book Club Meeting Times Week and Date Time Topic of Conversation Week 1: Sunday March 11 22:00 GMT (6 pm EDT) Chapter 1 - Flattening Classrooms through Global Collaboration (p 1-17) Chapter 2 - Impact on Learning: Research in the Global Collaborative Classroom (p18-30) Week 2: Monday, March 19 10:00 GMT (6 am EDT) Chapter 3 - Step 1: Connection (p 31-61) Week 3: Sunday, March 25 22:00 GMT (6 pm EDT) Chapter 4 - Step 2: Communication (p 62-96) Week 4: Monday, April 2 10:00 GMT (6 am EDT) Chapter 5 - Step 3: Citizenship (p 97-125) Take a break. Week 5: Sunday, April 15 22:00 GMT (6 pm EDT) Chapter 6 - Step 4: Contribution and Collaboration (p 126-157) Week 6: Monday, April 23 10:00 GMT (6 am EDT) Chapter 7 - Step 5: Choice (p 158-196) Week 7: Sunday, April 29 22:00 GMT (6 pm EDT) Chapter 8 - Step 6: Creation (p197-214) Week 8: Monday, May 7 10:00 GMT (6 am EDT) Chapter 9 - Step 7: Celebration (p 215-234) Week 9: Sunday, May 13 22:00 GMT (6 pm EDT) Chapter 10 - Designing and Managing a Global Collaborative Project (p 235-267) Week 10: Monday, May 21 10:00 GMT (6 am EDT) Chapter 11 - Challenge-Based Professional Development (p 268-293) Chapter 12: Rock the World (p 293 - 304)  We're also inviting the educators featured in each chapter to be with us for the conversations about "th
Nancy White

The 20% Project (like Google) In My Class | Education Is My Life - 20 views

  • Mass confusion set in.
  • This type of accountability covers the five major standards of Literature Arts: writing, reading, speaking, listening, and viewing.
    I recently assigned a new project to my 11th grade English students: The 20% Project. Although it's called a "project", that term is merely for student understanding and lack of a better word. This project is based on the "20 percent time" Google employees have to work on something other than their job description.
Ruth Howard

Teacher Reboot Camp - 16 views

    A long list of short n juicy professional development online courses to jump into next few months
Ruth Howard

tiltfactor » THE LAB - 6 views

    Games lab focussed on socially responsible game design for social change.
Barry Peterson

The Best Live Education Tool Available - 32 views

    Dear Educators, With this webcasting tool, you can connect live face to face with anyone, anywhere,, friends, students, teachers, colleagues, administrative groups, principals meetings, etc. without having to travel. You can even promote world peace by connecting with teachers and students in their classrooms worldwide and learning more about each other's country and culture The tools for your use include the ability to have live video chat, make PowerPoint presentations, stream video, share your desktop, record and share your presentation, and much more. Guests do not have to download any software. They simply click on the link to your conference that you send them, no cost, no travel and better yet, no wasted time. This tool is affordable and easily fits into a classroom, school or administartive office budget. As a former superintendent in the education system with more than 50 schools spread out 400 miles along a major highway, the ability to communicate with everyone in an efficient, effective and economical manner was essential. Hope you find this helpful. Best wishes, Barry
Barry Peterson

Connect Classrooms From Around The World - 17 views

    Connect classrooms, teachers, collaboration - all features are included.
Barry Peterson

Communication - The Key To Understanding Others - Communicate Face to Face With Anyone,... - 10 views

Connect live face to face with Anyone, Anywhere,, friends, students, teachers, Promote world peace by connecting teachers and students in their classrooms worldwide. http://tinyu...

administrator all_teachers bestpractices edublogger grants curriculum history math literature techintegrator digitalcitizenship edu_newapp edu_trends edu_news language technology science professionaldevelopment edublog web2 web3d elementary middleschool

started by Barry Peterson on 30 Apr 11 no follow-up yet
Barry Peterson

Connect Administrators, Teachers and Classrooms, Anywhere, Anytime - 23 views

GVO Conference has no limits or restrictions. This system will take whatever you throw at it! GVO Conference requires absolutely no download and works on all operating systems. This highjly secure ...

administrator all_teachers bestpractices edublogger curriculum history literature math science technology language edu_news edu_trends edu_newapp digitalcitizenship techintegrator professionaldevelopment edublog web2 web3d elementary middleschool grants

started by Barry Peterson on 21 Apr 11 no follow-up yet
Suzie Nestico

Teacher suspended over alleged Facebook comment - - 1 views

  • A first-grade teacher was suspended Thursday following alleged comments on her Facebook page in which she said she felt like a "warden" overseeing "future criminals," according to a district official.
  • "This is not first time I've heard something like this from a teacher," Best said. "Overall, I think we have really good teachers. But there's also a significant population of teachers here to collect the paycheck and don't have the best interests of the students in mind."
  • "There might be others (who share the sentiments of the online remarks) but all I've dealt with have shown no signs like that," said the Rev. Barry Graham, assistant pastor at Canaan Baptist Church
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  • Graham, whose congregation works closely with the school and recently awarded 130 honor roll students there, recognized that "any one of us on a bad day could lash out."
    • Suzie Nestico
      Yes, any one of us can have a bad day and lash out.  But, if you are a teacher, you are held to higher principles and practices.  Don't do it!  Find something good and post online about that.  The good can be contagious, too!
    Why teachers should not ever publicly talk like this online.  Period.  Find the good and talk about that.
Suzie Nestico

TEDActive 2011: Projects: Education - 5 views

    #TEDActiveEDU How can we empower kids to reshape the education system?  Fantastic idea worth spreading started by Steve Hargadon on March 3, 2011 calling students to action in speaking up about their education. Our Flat Classroom Keynote from Mount Carmel Area High School "Student Perspective ~ Change Matters" was one of the top 10 videos.
Joseph Alvarado

b9667271ee6c154195_t9m6iij8k.pdf (application/pdf Object) - 1 views

    Great research paper on why student test scores should not be used to evaluate teachers.
Ruth Howard

Shift Happens - Now What? at Change Agency - 0 views

    More than a digital literacy manifesto-21st century learners all.#educhat
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