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Vicki Davis

5 Steps to Internet Safety - 18 views

    Free poster I created to help students understand how to be safe online. Yes, there are 5 steps, not 4. Every student should know how to screenshot on every electronic device.
Suzie Nestico

Social Media Statistics 2011: Amazing Facts About Internet Use (VIDEO) - 13 views

    Fantastic videos with up-to-date statistics on social media. Great to use with students or faculty who may be reluctant to technology and social media.
Vicki Davis

Quia - Internet Safety Hangman - 10 views

    internet safety hangman. I do find this an oxymoron, and yet this is an activity that many may like.
Megan Black

Webonauts Internet Academy | PBS KIDS GO! - 15 views

    Webonauts Internet Academy is a web original game from PBS Kids that gives kids 8-10 years-old an opportunity to have some fun while exploring what it means to be a citizen in a web-infused‚ information-rich world. It is an engaging experience on its own but becomes all the more powerful when parents and teachers use game play as a springboard for conversations about media literacy and citizenship in the 21st Century. Very nicely done and a great starting point. From Adam Bellow of EduTech
Carl Bogardu

Welcome to the Web - 11 views

    Learning about the Internet.
Ruth Howard

Internet Time Wiki / Seminal Documents - 3 views

    Can you imagine Jay Cross (informal learning fame) collating seminal documents that are all free on the web into a wiki in one place-yeah!
    Its an Internet Time Wiki.
Vicki Davis

Deleting your digital past -- for good - 0 views

  • But what if you don't just want something massaged, manipulated or suppressed? What if you want it gone? Is it possible for an ordinary person to get some damaging tidbit entirely erased from the Web?
  • The Communications Decency Act of 1996 gives almost total immunity to Web sites
  • another surprise dead end is the place where many people launch their erasure efforts: Google.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • "Removing content from Google or another search engine would still leave the original content that exists on the Web," says a Google spokesman.
  • the webmaster of the page or the Internet hosting companies or ISPs hosting the content to find out their content removal policies."
    Can you erase your tracks online? We tried to get a few bad mentions off the Net forever. Here's how we did.
    How to get rid of information for good - not as easy as you think. the problem is that nasty little digital footprints with your full name - even if NOT left by you can influence your life FOREVER. Good information to share.

    Another reason, digital citizeenship IS an issue.
Fred Delventhal

The generation raised on the internet | The kids are alright | The Economist - 0 views

    WORRIES about the damage the internet may be doing to young people has produced a mountain of books-a suitably old technology in which to express concerns about the new. Robert Bly claims that, thanks to the internet, the "neo-cortex is finally eating itself". Today's youth may be web-savvy, but they also stand accused of being unread, bad at communicating, socially inept, shameless, dishonest, work-shy, narcissistic and indifferent to the needs of others.
Mary Fran Lynch

Woogi World - Teaching kids Internet safety, life values, and fun! - 2 views

    Amanda Stone and the teachers in Hoover City use this to teach internet safety. They have to pass certain courses. The teachers set up the student accounts and the teachers manage their own classroom -- controlling their buddy lists and everything. The teachers connect w/ their students on the weekends and off times w/ their kids.

    Great entry to a virtual world!!! It bans them if they do innappropriate things -- so their goal for 5th grade is to get zero bans for the year. The teacher can control it. Each student have their own woogie -- eg. Davisteacher would be me -- my students would be davis1 davis2, etc.
    Pretty cool.
    Great place to teach digital citizenship, highly recommended by Amanda Stone, instructional technology coach in Hoover City, AL.
    This is fantastic!
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