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Patti Porto

Teaching Channel - 6 views

    Videos, Common Core Resources And Lesson Plans For Teachers: 
    "Teaching Channel is a video showcase -- on the Internet and TV -- of innovative and effective teaching practices in America's schools."
Kathy Benson

Free Social Teaching and Learning Network focused solely on education - 20 views

    Sophia is a free social teaching and learning platform that offers academic content to anyone, anywhere, free of charge. The website, which has been described as a mashup of Facebook, Wikipedia, and YouTube that is focused solely on education, also lets educators supplement their instruction with tools to create a customized learning environment in a private or public setting. has enhanced its social teaching and learning platform to include more than 25,000 free tutorials on math, science, English, and more-all in an ad-free environment. What's more, the site has become a key destination for teachers who are looking to "flip" their classrooms, its makers say.
    Mostly middle school and up, has a learning preferences survey, like Khan Academy
Ty Hoggins

Qwiki - 10 views

    Qwiki's goal is to forever improve the way people experience information.

    Whether you're planning a vacation on the web, evaluating restaurants on your phone, or helping with homework in front of the family Google TV, Qwiki is working to deliver information in a format that's quintessentially human - via storytelling instead of search.

    We are the first to turn information into an experience. We believe that just because data is stored by machines doesn't mean it should be presented as a machine-readable list. Let's try harder.

    an online encyclopedia complete with sounds, beautiful images...
    Great new tool - Facebook, meets Google, meets Wikipedia
Dean Mantz

Mathtrain.TV   Probability with Ben and Jerry - 0 views

    Free education videos created by students for students on a variety of mathematical concepts.
Matt Clausen

Enhancing Education: Teacher Development Video Production - 0 views

    Here are some general steps for producing and distributing teacher professional development videos as part of your educational outreach plan:
Ruth Howard

Inanimate Alice - - 0 views

  • is a supremely easy-to-use story-telling device that requires no manual.
  • Cut, blend, fade in, push. These cinematic features and many more are available on
  • Inanimate Alice is told in episodes, each one a complete story. However, we are excited by the possibilities for participation created by our tool, Alice can't wait to see how you and your students mash-up and create your own stories! Join our growing community; selected stories created with our tool will be showcased on 'What's your story?'.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • The best stories that you share with us will be uploaded to our showcase for everyone to enjoy.
    I've only just discovered Inanimate Alice-here's the software. Incredibly vibrant resource and links to Inanimate Alice.Gob dropping!
Ruth Howard

RIP: A remix Manifesto | Open Source Cinema - An Open Source Documentary Film about Cop... - 0 views

    "Quotet RiP: A remix manifesto is an open source documentary about copyright and remix culture. Created over a period of six years, the film features the collaborative remix work of hundreds of people who have contributed to this website, helping to create the world's first open source documentary. end Quote

    Film good and active community of collaborators even better?
Ed Webb

Ideas and Thoughts from an EdTech » THIS is a 21st Century Skill - 0 views

  • Video is indeed a 21st century skill
  • t requires teacher training to make it as required as learning how to teach writing.
  • Any job that features communication as a primary skill, will ask future employees to present themselves in this way.
Fred Delventhal

The History Channel - History Uncut - 1 views

    Video clips from history uncut and without host voiceover.
Jenny Gilbert

Teachers' TV Australia - 1 views

    aussie Teachers TV and Video channel -
Dean Mantz

:: SCOPE :: - 0 views

    Video episodes are classified by the main focus of science technology being covered.
Carl Bogardu

National Archives Experience - 1 views

    Digital Vaults gives you and your kids a place to find raw materials that are arranged in ways that may make more sense to them. The site is set up a bit like a social network. Data is organized by tags and linked to both the tags as well as other resources. Like a social network, you can make your favorites documents / materials your "friends," search for new "friends" by using tags and create "mashups" using primary sources.
    Fabulous resource for Primary Sources! Very interactive.
    Digital archives 2010
Jocelyn Chappell

YouTube - 21st century pedagogy - 0 views

    rich understanding "information is out there we are co-constructors of learning we are co-constructors of knowledge and the kids and the learners in that complex interrelationship we call teaching and learning will provide a rich new way of doing things."
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