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International Program Catches On in U.S. Schools - - 15 views

  • It seems more real-world than how we used to learn, and it’s changed how we look at the world
  • Many parents, schools and students see the program as a rigorous and more internationally focused curriculum, and a way to impress college admissions officers.
  • they’d had no idea there was a big wide world out there,
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  • Our students don’t have as much diversity as people in some other areas, so this makes them open their eyes,” said Deb Pinkham, the program’s English teacher.
  • the people who founded the I.B. were sitting in Geneva, post-World War II, thinking about how to ensure world peace, so the clear philosophical bent is that by integrating learning and understanding issues from multiple perspectives, we can promote global thinking,
  • “A.P. is great for content-based traditional learning,” he said. “It’s great for kids who like to memorize. But for more creative kids, who want to make those connections, there’s nothing like the I.B.”
  • Emily, who said she was bored with school last year, said the I.B. program had been more interesting and challenging.
  • It’s a new way of thinking, but the kids grew into it.
  • I think it’s good for America for students to learn how others nations think
  • “I.B. taught us how to think through a position, and support it,

MYP-CT - 10 views

    ".... the place for teachers to meet and greet, share ideas and find some as well" Great to see Kathy Snow regenerate this online community for MYP Technology!

PYP threads - 0 views

    A Ning for people in PYP schools

Addressing Access » tools » Backward Curriculum Maps: Grades 9-12 - 0 views

    IB Americas has developed a set of backward curriculum maps in order to help high schools increase participation and success in the Diploma Programme by strengthening the articulation between the MYP and Diploma Programme. These maps define some of the skills necessary for success on Diploma assessments, trace these skills back through grade 9 (level four of the MYP), present assessment and scaffolding ideas, and offer examples of MYP units that can help prepare students for the Diploma.
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