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Martin Burrett

Book: How to be an Outstanding Primary School Teacher by @HeadTeachDunn - 2 views

    "With so many expectations, requirements and scrutiny of primary school teachers, it is easy to become formulaic in your practice. This is a shame, as the initial enthusiasm for the job gets waned, and giving young students the opportunity to shine becomes less focused on whole-child development. However, to become an outstanding teacher demands consistency, focus and dedication. Outstanding teachers are always on the lookout for new ideas, but sometimes the tried-and-tested classroom activities and techniques can offer a strong system to help your pupils shine, despite curriculum restraints imposed."
Martin Burrett

Revision: KS2 SATs Revision Apps - 0 views

    "At the age of 11, in England, pupils sit their SATs papers, assessing their progress mainly in Literacy and Maths (some school also check progression in Science). Although there have been subtle changes to the system over the last few years, many schools, observers, parents and politicians still hold the tests in high esteem, so pressure is placed on pupils to do the best they can."

Feature: How One School Turned Minecraft into STEAM - 11 views

    A primary school in England used Minecraft for a whole school, cross-curriculum project. Inspiring stuff.
Kathy Benson

TES iboard: Interactive activity finder - 0 views

    Parts of the site require a subscription, but the free parts are valuable none-the-less. The simple non-fiction book are read aloud.
Toni Olivieri-Barton

About the Contest . Writers Contest | PBS KIDS GO! - 4 views

    I love teaching with Contests
Kelly Faulkner

Welcome to the Bookapedia Book Battles!!! - Home - 12 views

    looks like this suits primary students. reading activities and challenges.
Ted Sakshaug

Online Resources for Math - Algebra, Trigonometric, Geometry, Calculus, Boolean Algebra... - 0 views

    High School
    Middle School

    Welcome to an online Free Learning website full of fun. This website is fully interactive and will allow kids to practice and learn math with ease.
    Our website is designed to help students of different grades, starts from Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School and High School Math.
    The goal of this website is to provide new education tools to teachers, parents and off course students who can benefit from it.

Literactive - Teaching Children to Read - 0 views

  • All the material is available for free from this site but you need to register.
    heard about this from Anne Truger
    Activities for teaching phonics
Fred Delventhal

Kindersite Project : Educationalists recommend the free Kindersite to introduce Young c... - 0 views

    The Kindersite has 1,000s of links to the best games, songs and stories for young children.
Fred Delventhal

Majority of Kids Are Computer Savvy - 0 views

    An overwhelming majority (89%) of all kids age 6-11 in the US spend at least some time doing online activities and - though many of their basic social activities haven't changed much over the years - they have vastly different communication styles and preferences than older age groups, according to a study from Experian Consumer Research.
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