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Martin Burrett

Diipo - 23 views

    A beautifully made Twitter-like social network for schools that supports photos, videos, files and embed html. The site also has a blog feature, calendar and many other fab features. You can set your class to private or public.
Angela Maiers

New social-networking sites target kids as young as six - 0 views

    Social Networking for 6 year olds???
Kimberly Jurczak

YackPack - Welcome Educators! - 0 views

    Yack Pack is a great tool for communication and collaboration in your classroom.
Keith Hamon

The Strength of Weak Ties » Archive for December, 2007 - 0 views

  • In a typical high school, learning communities are fragmented and isolated, if they even exist at all. It’s unlikely that any of us would label a typical high school classroom, with its characteristic five rows of six desks, limited access to information and conversation, a learning community. Very little interaction exists within the classroom, and interaction from sources outside the four walls of the classroom is generally non-existent-the classroom walls, in effect, are impermeable.
    • Keith Hamon
      This is a characteristic of hierarchical structures, which tend to be impermeable, or semipermeable, at best, and even then, the gateways are most carefully controlled and access is severely restricted.
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