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Vicki Davis

Positive school climate boosts test scores, study says | EdSource Today - 8 views

    If you want plants to grow add rain, sunshine and warmth. The same works with children. A warm, caring environment where students and teachers have positive relationships, where they feel safe and have supports to help them succeed improves test scores. This is no surprise to good teachers. Those who put inordinate stress on teachers in ways that causes stress and harshness are likely hurting test scores and having the opposite effect, if one is to interpret this. Take a read and take action - on my blog I and many commenters have been discussing getting along with colleagues and having warm relationships with students. It isn't fluff but rather, is the stuff that test scores are made of.

    "It's the million-dollar question or, given the size of the California education budget, the $50-billion-dollar question: What makes extraordinarily successful schools different from other schools? The answer: school climate, according to a new study from WestEd, a San Francisco-based research agency.

    In recent years, the concept of school climate has gained increasing currency in education reform circles and the California Department of Education has received federal grants to evaluate school climate in 170 schools, as well as Safe and Supportive Schools grants to fund programs that enhance school climate. As defined by the WestEd study, a positive school climate includes caring relationships between teachers and students, physical and emotional safety, and academic and emotional supports that help students succeed. The goal of a positive school climate is "a sense of belonging, competence and autonomy" for both students and staff, the report said."
Kathy Benson

Down For Everyone Or Just Me -> Check if your website is down or up? - 7 views

    check if a website is down or if it is just that I can't reach it
Martin Burrett

Free Past Papers - KS1-3 SATs - 6 views

    This site has a fantastic collection of KS1-3 English, Maths and Science past SATs paper, completed with audio tracks.
Cara Whitehead

Spelling TestMe - 13 views

    Never grade another spelling test again! Let SpellingCity do it for you!
kate4900 shanahan

Elementary Test Prep Center- ELA 4 Test - 3 views

    NYS ELA test prep
Ben Rimes

FiveSecondTest - 27 views

    Quick and easy image based surveys and feedback. Survey takers have 5 seconds to view the image, then answer questions based on that image. Might be really useful during a PD session or in the classroom as a quick way to gather student's prior knowledge about a topic.
Joseph Alvarado

b9667271ee6c154195_t9m6iij8k.pdf (application/pdf Object) - 1 views

    Great research paper on why student test scores should not be used to evaluate teachers.
Lisa Newgard

Testmoz - The Test Generator - 20 views

    Give multiple choice tests online for free.  Teachers get codes the students enter to access the test.
Ted Sakshaug

Catpin Productions, Bubble Test Form Generator - Teaching Tools - 9 views

    bubble sheet generator
TCY Online

SNAP 2009 Analysis- SNAP 2009 Answer Key & Cut-offs - 11 views

    SNAP 2009 Analysis and Cut-offs with Solution Key:
    1. General English: Answer Key, 2. Quantitative, DI & DS: Answer Key, 3. General Awareness- GK, Current Affairs, Business Scenario: Answer Key, 4. Analytical & LR: Answer Key
yc c

Practicowl: Create, share, and take practice exams on any subject - 10 views

shared by yc c on 10 Nov 09 - Cached
    Can't see anything! Maybe it's no good?
    "Create, share, and take practice exams on any subject." (fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice)
Ted Sakshaug - A place to learn together, take free tests and share class notes and more! - 0 views

    SAT and other test prep, share notes and other things
Jeff Johnson

College Board Will Offer a New Test Next Fall - - 0 views

    Amid growing challenges to its role as the pre-eminent force in college admissions, the College Board on Wednesday unveiled a new test that it said would help prepare eighth graders for rigorous high school courses and college.

    The test, which will be available to schools next fall, is intended only for assessment and instructional purposes and has nothing to do with college admissions, College Board officials said.
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