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Vicki Davis

Snap Links Plus :: Add-ons for Firefox - 1 views

    This handy firefox add on lets you hold down the right mouse button and draw a square over a set of links. Then, it will open each of those links into its own tab. This is useful if you have students placing links on a page and need to open each link to assess them. This is the only firefox extension that I found compatible with the newest version of firefox, although it is preliminary, I've found it to work fine for me.
Nelly Cardinale

Zotero - Zotero - LibGuides at University of Missouri - 3 views

    Short overview and tutorial and great tip for college students whose college computers do not run Firefox.
Vicki Davis | One Firefox plugin to end them all - 0 views

    An article about a new Firefox plug in called Ubiquity that is supposed to be particularly useful for people who have to translate quite a bit, but also adds custom programmability to ubiquity and your firefox web browser that allow you to close individual URLs, generate tiny urls, and all sorts of other things. WE'll see if this is the firefox plug in to end them all but I'll let you know. Meanwhile, if any of you have tested it, I'd love to hear from you.
Kate Olson

An Upstart Challenges the Big Web Browsers - - 0 views

    That notion has helped to rekindle the browser wars and has resulted in the latest wave of innovation. Firefox 3.0, for example, runs more than twice as fast as the previous version while using less memory, Mozilla says. The browser is also smarter and maintains three months of a user's browsing history to try to predict what site he or she may want to visit. Typing the word "football" into the browser, for example, quickly generates a list of all the sites visited with "football" in the name or description. Firefox has named this new tool the "awesome bar" and says it could replace the need for people to maintain long and messy lists of bookmarks. It will also personalize the browser for an individual user. "Sitting at somebody else's computer and using their browser is going to become a very awkward experience," said Mitchell Baker, chairwoman of the Mozilla Foundation.
Kelly Faulkner

Zotero | Home - 0 views

    Designed by researchers for researchers. This tool will allow you to organize your research online & offline. It automatically captures data for citation in MLA, APA, & Chicago. The aspects that they are working on will be amazing in relation to collaboration with other people.
    firefox extension for compiling a complete works cited while researching on the internet.  pretty nifty tool - wish it worked on other browsers as well.
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