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Martin Burrett

Becoming and being the leader you want to be by @JohnPearce_JP - 0 views

    "In education we are very comfortable using the term "middle leaders", rather than "middle managers", to talk about heads of department and heads of faculty. But are they really leaders? What distinguishes middle leaders from middle managers?  Middle managers - and senior managers for that matter - work to the specification of their leaders. Managers only become leaders when they inject something of themselves into their work. Managers sing the hymn sheets of others. Leaders do much more, they add verses, create harmonies and the best compose new scores. "
Martin Burrett

11 Female Teachers Who Changed the World by @RichardJARogers - 0 views

    "From authors and actresses to CEOs and engineers: Women prove time and time again that they can perform any job just as efficiently and professionally as any man can."
Mark Gillingham

Shared Inquiry™: An Opening Note for New Leaders - 10 views

    Many of us start with a degree of self-consciousness when we first lead discussion. We wonder whether participants will understand and respond to our focus question and whether we will understand their responses; we worry about whether we will easily think of follow-up questions and whether we will be able to keep discussion focused on the problem of meaning we have raised. Leading is not an easy task and it requires practice. But while there is no substitute for experience, there are things you can do to establish good conditions for thoughtful discussion.
Suzie Nestico

Education Week: District Leaders Get Dose of Teaching Common Core - 8 views

    Focus on close reading in Common Core.  Many fear teachers are not prepared for this dramatic a shift where the textbook is the first, sole focus.  

100 Leaders You Can Learn From on Twitter - Learn-gasm - 1 views

    Whether you're looking for motivational speakers, authors, social media experts, or politicians, you can find quite a few interesting personalities. Read on to learn about 100 leaders on Twitter that you can learn from.
Angela Maiers

21 Ed Tech Leaders You Just Have to "Meet" « Thumann Resources - 0 views

    21 Ed Tech Leaders-a wealth of resources
Emily Vickery

Tech Forum - Strategies, Solutions and Innovations for Technology Leaders - 0 views

    Great videos on leadership, insight and innovation.
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