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Rose Black

Plagiarism checking tool - the most accurate and absolutely FREE! - 0 views

    In this technological age a plagiarism checker is essential for protecting your written work. A plagiarism checker benefits teachers, students, website owners and anyone else interested in protecting their writing. Our service guarantees that anything you write can be thoroughly checked by our plagiarism software to insure that your texts are unique.
Dugg Lowe

Stamping Your Presence On The Web with Blogging | Writezilla - The Writing Zilla - 1 views

    Over the years blogging has been used for opinion sharing and views exchanges. However the growth of the information technologies by leaps and bounds...
Adrea Lawrence

According to Aristotle, scientific knowledge (episteme) must be expressed in statements that - 0 views

    humanities research

This deposits up to $1,407 directly into your bank account every day - 0 views

    This deposits up to $1,407 directly into your bank account every day
Andrew Esipov - 0 views

education research Imported learning resources writing teaching technology reference

started by Andrew Esipov on 28 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
ESL Atlanta

Using American English - 0 views

    Learn or improve your English language skills with Atlanta's only company that customizes English education to your own needs!
Elizabeth Koh

Paper vs. computer screen - The Boston Globe - 12 views

  • A Norwegian researcher, Anne Mangen, recently weighed in with an interesting paper in the Journal of Research in Reading, asserting that screen reading and page reading are radically different. “The feeling of literally being in touch with the text is lost when your actions - clicking with the mouse, pointing on touch screens, or scrolling with keys or on touch pads - take place at a distance from the digital text, which is, somehow, somewhere inside the computer, the e-book, or the mobile phone,’’ Mangen writes.
  • Her conclusion: “Materiality matters. . . . One main effect of the intangibility of the digital text is that of making us read in a shallower, less focused way.’
  • Reading digital text will always differ from reading text that is not digital (i.e., that has a physical, tangible materiality), no matter how reader-friendly and ‘paper-like’ the digital reading device (e.g., Kindle etc.),’’ she answered
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  • She says the e-reader experience introduces “a degree of unpredictability and instability’’ that influences reading, even if we are not aware of it.
  • When Kindle-like readers cost less than $50 and the e-Ink technology is not just very good, but excellent, there may be more “screening,’’ and less reading, in our future.
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