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Adrea Lawrence

digitalresearchtools / FrontPage - 0 views

    Wiki clearinghouse for digital research and scholarship.
Elizabeth Koh

The New Socialism: Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online - 0 views

  • While old-school socialism was an arm of the state, digital socialism is socialism without the state. This new brand of socialism currently operates in the realm of culture and economics, rather than government—for now
  • I use socialism because technically it is the best word to indicate a range of technologies that rely for their power on social interactions.
  • it is a spectrum of attitudes, techniques, and tools that promote collaboration, sharing, aggregation, coordination, ad hocracy, and a host of other newly enabled types of social cooperation
Elizabeth Koh

News - 18 views

    Hi Elizabeth, any idea where I may find this full article please? The page doesnt seem to exist at this time. Computing and iT student Level 1 Thanks
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