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Krissy Woods

Psst! Need the Answer to No. 7? Click Here. - - 0 views

    Incredibly interesting article about the use of technology and how it can positively and negatively effect learning. As stated in our discussions earlier this week, the use of technology can - at times - undermine the real classroom experience. In the case of sites which are explained in this article, I think it highlights the need and importance of 'real' classroom learning to help with questions and curb cheating.
D Vali

True Heroes of Sport | Blog Of Sport - 0 views

    Today's generation often looks towards athletes as both role models and, in some cases even, heroes. Sadly, many of them fail to live up to the public's expectations of them. Doping and cheating are becoming more and more common place as athletes strive to achieve greater and greater success. Fallen by the wayside in the competitive world of sports seems to be many of the traditions and morals that make an athlete truly note worthy.
David Wetzel

Why use technology to Teach Science and Math? - 0 views

    As many of you may have discovered, I also found that many of my previous colleagues have little use for technology for teaching. They are mired in excuses such as using technology is cheating, students learn best through lecture, the stresses of NCLB makes it too difficult to do anything but have students memorize facts to pass the tests, etc.
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