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Sarah Hanawald

Characteristics of Information - 0 views

    A companion to the Vision of Students Today, done by the same anthropology class. Not as viral, clearly, but also very thought provoking. Students don't need us to provide information, they need us to teach them how to make knowledge of information.
Sarah Hanawald

K-State students' video assignments make their way around the world, drawing more than ... - 0 views

  • But assignments in Michael Wesch's anthropology classes at Kansas State University have been seen around the world and by as many as 1.5 million other people.
  • The video is up for a YouTube award for most inspirational video of 2007.
  • The other video assignment is more research-based, Wesch said.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Bohannon's video skills led to a job with Diigo, an online research tool that's better explained through video than through words. That's why Diigo had Bohannon create a video to explain what it's all about. The video can be viewed at
  • the students' work gets exposure in a way that traditional classroom assignments don't.
  • "That gets at the complexity of today's media environment," Wesch said. "The students don’t advertise. They get the videos out on blogs, people start linking to them, and other people find them."
    What happened to the kids in A Vision of Students Today. Nice follow up for some individuals and discusses other works by students in the same class.
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