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started by klopac on 12 Jan 18
  • klopac
    Women! Come share your skills with the Katie Coders this Spring. Skilled teachers will lead 11-17 year old girls in computational thinking and coding/maker space activities, with your help facilitating their success. You do not need to know any particular skill beyond your adult follow-through and problem solving abilities, but awesome if you have some background knowledge as well!

    Our classes will meet from 6-8pm on Tuesdays from February 13th-April 17th on the St. Kate's Campus in St. Paul. We would love it if you could come for the whole time every week, but we realize that may not be realistic. Preference will be given to those with the most availability.

    You can come for part of the evening if you can do so consistently! Indicate what time you are able to arrive late or need to depart early by writing a comment in the "Other" option.

    Information about signing up a girl you know for Katie Coders coming soon!

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