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Volunteer for the Katie Coders! - 0 views

Women! Come share your skills with the Katie Coders this Spring. Skilled teachers will lead 11-17 year old girls in computational thinking and coding/maker space activities, with your help facilita...

Education technology teaching coding computational_thinking

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Siri Anderson

ACTIVE | Girls Who Code - 2 views

    Chance for MN young women to enroll in summer camps to learn computational thinking to more advanced programming. Also a great opportunity for St.Kate's alum to teach CS. Please share in your networks!
Siri Anderson

Mechanism of The Seasons - YouTube - 1 views

    Awesome demonstration of how STEM is an integrated concept that ties to the way we construct our sense of the world and rules for managing our human experience of it.

Tech Age Kids | Technology for Children - 0 views

    Great website/ blog about Technology and STEM in the classroom!

Grade the Work, Not the Behavior - Education Week Teacher - 0 views

    Interesting article (and comments) regarding assessing what students know vs. giving zeros for behavior (cheating, missing work, etc.)

Technology and the Achievement Gap - ProQuest - 0 views

    Interesting article about how to close the achievement gap.

Integrating Social Media Into the Classroom Curriculum - 3 views

Education Social Media apps


Technology and school-home communication - ProQuest - 4 views

    There are four facets to this study which include, parental engagement; school-home communications; technology, communication and parental engagement with children's learning; and the importance of technology for communication in families with older children. This study examines the use of technology for communication and the impact on student learning as a result. Often students are more invested in their learning and have higher achievement rates. Additionally, the communication should be two way, as when the school sends one way communication it is not viewed as an invitation for involvement into their student's education.

Fostering Parent-Teacher Relationships when Children are GiftedGifted Education Interna... - 2 views

    This article addresses the unique challenges regarding parent-teacher relationships with parents of gifted children. The researches look at the issues from both the parent and teacher perspectives.

Canvas Tool Guide for Teachers - 1 views

    An excellent matrix that evaluates the effectiveness of each Canvas tool in meeting certain teaching and learning goals (i.e. which canvas tool would be best suited for Communication & Interaction).

Education World: Technology in the Classroom | Technology Integration Ideas that Work - 0 views

    Some cool tools to successfully integrate technology in the classroom.

Flipgrid Unplugged #2: AppSmashing with Jornea Erwin on Vimeo - 0 views

    Great video about how to use FlipGrid, a video discussion platform.

The underutilized potential of teacher-to-parent communication: Evidence from a field e... - 1 views

    This article and research supports weekly one sentence parent communication regarding student performance. The biggest benefits came from focusing on what students could improve upon rather than what they were doing well.

7 Classroom Management Strategies for an Organized Classroom - Suburban Snow WhiteSubur... - 0 views

    7 classroom management strategies for an organized classroom

Must Have Apps for Project Based Learning - Technology Tools for Teachers - 1 views

  • Instead of just verbally Introducing the Project to your students, show them a TED Talk that is thought-provoking.
    • mandy_sioringas
      Good Idea!
  • When conducting Research, Google Apps are a must with PBL. Students are able to collaborate and teachers can post their own comments. Students and teachers can use Google Drive to save and share information. I use Google Sites to post resources so students aren’t spending most of their time searching.
    Some really good ideas to incorporate technology with PBL

Using Technology to Increase Parent Involvement in Schools - 1 views

Olmstead (2013) observes that students with parents that monitor school work, frequently communicate with teachers, and help their children plan for education or work after high school are more lik...

Communication Parents Teachers technology teaching education

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SWWC_Fall_2013.pdf - 0 views

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  • Willmar Middle School has implemented a new initiative to eliminate student apathy and reduce the number of missing assignments students have during the school year in order to increase student learning. We value this initiative because when students complete their assignments with high quality they are giving a true depiction of what they have learned. In order to accomplish the goal of reducing the number of students with missing or incomplete assignments, we are following the philosophies found in the book, The Power of the ICU. Danny Hill, co-author of the book, states that “ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit and it implies that a student’s academic situation is “sick” and needs the attention of the school’s staff.” A key component is to create an ICU list. When a student has missing or incomplete assignments, their teacher will put them on the ICU list. All staff that work with the student has access to the list and work collaboratively to help that student complete their assignments. Parents/guardians have an important role in this initiative as well. They receive an email/text when their student is on the ICU list. Students are given extra time to attend the ICU Classroom before school (7:15-7:45), during their lunch time, or after school (2:30-3:00). In the end, the goal is to end student apathy by providing extra time and extra support for our students to complete their assignments with high quality and learn the valuable content. Together we will help our Willmar Middle School students be successful learners!
    ICU implemented in middle school
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