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Tania Sheko

What Schools are Really Blocking When They Block Social Media | DMLcentral - 13 views

  • The real issue, of course, is not social media but learning.  Specifically, the fact that our schools are disconnected from young learners and how their learning practices are evolving.  The decision to block social media is inconsistent with how students use social media as a powerful node in their learning network.  Can social media be a distraction in the classroom?  Absolutely.  Will some students access questionable content if given the opportunity?  Yes.  But many students use social media to enhance their learning, expand the reach of the classroom, find the things they ‘need to know,’ and fashion their own personal learning networks.
  • Because social media is such a big part of many students social lives, cultural identities, and informal learning networks schools actually find themselves grappling with social media everyday but often from a defensive posture—reacting to student disputes that play out over social media or policing rather than engaging student’s social media behaviors.
  • Education administrators block social media because they believe it threatens the personal and emotional safety of their students.  Or they believe social media is a distraction that diminishes student engagement and the quality of the learning experience.
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  •   Schools also block social media to prevent students from accessing inappropriate content. 
  • I have often wondered what are schools really blocking when they block social media.
  • We structured the learning to be autonomous, self-directed, creative, collaborative, and networked.
  • The teacher and I had overlooked the fact that YouTube was blocked
  • The teacher believes network literacy is also crucial. 
  • network literacy, that is, “using online sources to network, knowledge-outreach, publicize content, collaborate and innovate.” 
  • By blocking social media schools are also blocking the opportunity:
  • 1)    to teach students about the inventive and powerful ways communities around the world are using social media

    2)    for students and teachers to experience the educational potential of social media together

    3)    for students to distribute their work with the larger world

    4)    for students to reimagine their creative and civic identities in the age of networked media

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