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Bruce Vigneault

Watertown Daily Times | Canton to block some access to Facebook - 3 views

  • "To my knowledge, no other district in our area allows access to Facebook," Mr. Gregory said. "I think the district needs to take a proactive approach. Today it's Facebook, a few months from now there could be something else that comes up."
    • Bruce Vigneault
      So, is he saying that they should meet every week and decide on what to block next. Or, that it's time, to use this as a 'teachable' moment. Educate the students on it's potential and appropriate use, and consequate students who use it inappropriately?
  • The protests were sparked by a Canton high school social studies teacher who wanted his students to use their own Facebook page as a way to interact with each other for academic-related discussions
    • Bruce Vigneault
      Gee, an educational use. What nove thinking!
  • Opponents of that move argued the site can pose safety risks, wastes time and exposes students to unmonitored advertising messages.
    • Bruce Vigneault
      Are these the same people who sat their young children in front of a TV hours at a time for free babysitting?
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