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How Can I Block a Number from Calling My Cellphone? - 0 views

    Want to get rid of unwanted calls? Don't know how to manage your blocking options?? Then we are here with this tutorial to help you further.
tech vedic

How to mute annoying email threads in Gmail? - 0 views

    You often use the "Reply All" button in group communication. At that time, it may seem convenient, though it may be distressing later one, when different recipients start reverting on it, even when you don't expect. No matter how many times you delete these messages from your inbox, the next message in the chain will make it all come flashing back.
tech vedic

How to check spam communication? - 0 views

    Spamming is generally unsolicited communication targeted to deceive users with tricky messages from remote locations. However, most of you live in a misconception that spamming is confined only to email service. Such communication may leave you in puzzled state even with the Web-based services like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
Bruce Vigneault

Watertown Daily Times | Canton to block some access to Facebook - 3 views

  • "To my knowledge, no other district in our area allows access to Facebook," Mr. Gregory said. "I think the district needs to take a proactive approach. Today it's Facebook, a few months from now there could be something else that comes up."
    • Bruce Vigneault
      So, is he saying that they should meet every week and decide on what to block next. Or, that it's time, to use this as a 'teachable' moment. Educate the students on it's potential and appropriate use, and consequate students who use it inappropriately?
  • The protests were sparked by a Canton high school social studies teacher who wanted his students to use their own Facebook page as a way to interact with each other for academic-related discussions
    • Bruce Vigneault
      Gee, an educational use. What nove thinking!
  • Opponents of that move argued the site can pose safety risks, wastes time and exposes students to unmonitored advertising messages.
    • Bruce Vigneault
      Are these the same people who sat their young children in front of a TV hours at a time for free babysitting?
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