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People Who Take Notes Are More Likely To Be Successful - 3 views

  • People Who Take Notes Are More Likely To Be Successful
    "How many times have we heard a person say that? It could be a manager, a student, a lawyer, a secretary, a writer, or anybody who has to remember key information. Note-taking is an essential skill in many areas of work and study."
diwakar verma

Mind Blown... Things have really changed over the last two decades - 4 views

    You will be surprised at how much life has changed in the past 20 years...
Floyd Sutton

Types of Content Theft - 1 views

    BT newbies can ought to actively value more highly to amendment the settings.
    The company is additionally introducing new BT Parental Controls that transcend the remit of its current free privacy controls, that solely specialize in desktops and laptops. The new controls can cowl all internet-connected devices within the home, together with tablets, game consoles, and smartphones.

    New customers, says BT in a very promulgation, "[will] ought to build a alternative on whether or not or to not activate the parental controls once putting in place their web affiliation for the primary time," adding that "the possibility of getting the controls enforced is pre-selected." you will either ought to make sure that you are pleased with the pre-selected protection level, or actively value more highly to amendment the settings, that BT is keen to cue you would possibly expose you to "content doubtless unsuitable for kids."

    "BT takes the difficulty of on-line kid protection extraordinarily seriously, and that we area unit very happy to be able to launch the whole-home filter to assist folks keep their families safe on-line. It adds to the numerous tools we have a tendency to already build accessible for gratis to our customers. We've been targeted on the difficulty of on-line safety since we have a tendency to developed the globe's 1st Cleanfeed filter to dam ill-usage pictures and created the technology accessible liberated to different ISPs across the world a decade past," says Pete Oliver, MD of client industrial selling and digital at BT.
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    New 2013....

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    The common reasons that make you want to hack a facebook are the following:

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    So... What we waiting for...?
    As Gen. Alexander prepares to retire, Obama administration seeks one replacement.

    The White House has some big positions to fill in the Defense Department and at the National Security Agency (NSA) this coming spring. But as The Washington Post reports, they'll be looking for just a single person to fill them all.
    Since the creation of the US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM), the Department of Defense's joint command in charge of operating and defending the military's network, one man has been at the helm: US Army General Keith Alexander. Alexander is also Director of the National Security Agency and the Chief of Central Security Service.
    Those combined roles have put responsibility for a huge swath of the US military's "network warfare" under a single man's purview-a concentration of power that has caused a great deal of concern. In fact, the Director of the Office of National Intelligence and the panel appointed by President Obama to review the operations of the NSA have both recommended that the NSA and the DOD's Cyber Command be put under separate leadership. The review panel, appointed in the wake of leaks from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, submitted a draft recommendation to President Barack Obama recommending that a civilian should be appointed head of the NSA, while Cyber Command should remain under military leadership.
    But the Obama administration has ignored that advice, announcing that it will continue the arrangement that let Alexander command most of the nation's military and civilian offensive and defensive cyber capabilities. "Following an interagency review," White House spokeswoman Caitlyn Hayden wrote in an email to the Post, "the administration has decided that keeping the positions of NSA Director and Cyber Command Commander together as one, dual-hatted position is the most effective approach to accomplish both agencies' missions."
    The NSA has been under a military commander since its inception. But General Alexander is the highest-ranking mi
    Types of Content Theft
    Approximately ninety percent of newly released movies that are pirated can be traced to thieves who use a digital recording device in a movie theater to literally steal the image and/or sound off the screen. Camcorder theft is one of the biggest problems facing the film industry. All it takes is one camcorder copy to trigger the mass reproduction and distribution of millions of illegal Internet downloads and bootlegs in global street markets just hours after a film's release and well before it becomes available for legal rental or purchase from legitimate suppliers. Studios and theater owners have significantly increased security and surveillance in theaters all over the world to thwart would-be camcorders. Since 2003, the major motion picture studios have employed technology such as watermarking films, which enables film companies to discern the source of a stolen film through forensic analysis and trace it back to the very theater in which it was recorded.

    A peer-to-peer (P2P) network is a system that enables Internet users through the exchange of digital files among individual computers or "peers" to (1) make files (including movies and music) stored on their computer available for copying by other users; (2) search for files stored on other users' computers; and (3) transfer exact copies of files from one computer to another. P2P technology itself is not illegal and may be useful for many legal purposes, but people often use the technology to illegally exchange copyrighted material on the Internet. While people may believe their files are being exchanged among only a few "friends," these files can be accessed by millions of people around the world who are part of the same P2P network.

    If you download movies using illegal peer-to-peer sites, you are often also distributing illegal content, as the default setting of most P2P networks ensures that individuals downloading files from the network ar
Debbie Nichols

Web Hosting » Educational Technology Tips - 0 views

    Resources for Creating Classroom Website
Debbie Nichols

Free Common Core Lesson Plans - 0 views

    Free resources and tools. Gotta check this one out.
mahinda patirana

Barcode Scanner Application for android phones - 0 views

    Now most of web site,blogs, are using barcodes,when download icons and other can download easy by using bar code scanner. first of all you must download and install bar code scanner can get it free by using Google Play store. This the step you can follow.
mahinda patirana

How to Software update Android Phone - 0 views

    How can update your android phone last android is simple, you can follow the steps below to update your android phone.
mahinda patirana

how to take screen capture your android phone - 0 views

    If you want to take screen capture on your android phone's any place.Follow the easy steps below to take a Screen capture your Android phone.First of all you must download and install screen capture application .you can get it free by using google play store.
mahinda patirana

where is my droid - 0 views

    where is my droid application help to find your lost or misplaced phone.unfortunately at that time your phone may be silent mode, you cannot find your it's not a problem,you can use where is my droid apps to fixed this can send Text massage (SMS) from another phone and where is my droid apps will turns the ringer volume up and makes your phone ring.then you can find your lost phone.
Eric Patnoudes

Reform Education, Change the World - 0 views

    Ideas for progress toward reforming public education, innovative uses of technology in the classroom and making school an authentic and meaningful experience.
darren mccarty

President's Day Game - 13 views

    How many Presidents do you recognize?

    There are over 4000 K-12 games for teachers and students on
    This website is the best news site, all the information is here and always on the update. We accept criticism and suggestions. Happy along with you here. I really love you guys. :-)
C. Blohm & Associates, Inc.

Infographic: Benefits of Mobile Studying - 0 views

    Students who study on smartphones are better prepared for class.
Timeless Learntech

Equipped for Online Learning? - 0 views

    Online Learning Shapes the Academic World Developments in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have impacted all sectors of society- mainly the corporate organisations as well as the education sector. In higher education, application of ICTs in form of e-learning is already changing teaching and learning processes.
Timeless Learntech

E Learning: Transitional Trend in Educational Pattern in India - 0 views

    "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. Learning does not cease, its timeless and forever!" Traditional teaching has been part of formal education over years, where in students assemble together in classrooms and learn. With the advent of technology, the skills and methods of approach towards learning are changing.
John Goldsmith

Bloomfire | Social Learning Software | Social Learning, Collaborative Learning Environment - 28 views

    This website is the best news site, all the information is here and always on the update. We accept criticism and suggestions. Happy along with you here. I really love you guys. :-)
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