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Pros and Cons of Social Media in Education (Infographic) - 6 views

    This infographic shows how universities use social media, which websites used for what purposes, and advantanges and difficulties of using social media. I found it to be very comprehensive. We also see that today social media is mostly used for practical purposes ,such as; announcement from schools, material share and networking in educational context. Challanges stated are woth to consider before attempting to use social media in education.
    This is a nice infographic. Nowadays the universities are even recruiting social media experts to manage their image on the virtual world. A 2-min-video might become viral and add a lot to the popularity of the university. Or prospective students check the information available about a university on social media channels before making a career choice.
Evrim Baran

Matti Pirttimaa | LinkedIn - 7 views

shared by Evrim Baran on 04 Mar 13 - No Cached
    Hello Everybody. I invited Matti Pirttimaa to our group. He is a university teacher at the University of Turku, Finland and he is very interested in our coursework. Please welcome Matti to our Diigo group. 
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    Thanks a lot Evrim for inviting me to your group. I also use social media (facebook) in education, but I think that I have much to learn about your group =),
    Wecome Mr. Pirttimaa, we would be very happy for sharing information mutually. I feel that we have lots of things to learn from each other. By the way thanks to this platform that makes us worldwide students:)
    Yes, thank you, I think so too... I 'll try to take part the conversation. I'm just Matti for everyone in this group =)
    Welcome, Matti!!!... I'm pleased to see you who is expert and is out of our class, and I believe that you will support our learning on this issue, because some of us are novice.
    Hi Matti! Welcome to our group. I hope we will learn much from you and other group members during the discussions.
    Welcome Matti! I look forward to your posts! :)
    I like this group very much. I think that I have learned about the possibilities of the use of technology in education more that never before just by belonging to this group. I understand that my way to productively utilizing the possibilities in my work as a teacher is long, but I think that the threshold to use them is much shallower now. I'm working as a craft and technology teacher, so I see the traditional practice and "learning by doing" method very useful in many cases. Still, educational technology has a role for example on counseling in-service trainees and on training, teaching and learning theoretical contents. What do you think about the result of this survey? Have someone of you used these LMS systems?
    Matti, thanks for sharing the infographic. I am currently using the first two LMSs in my courses: Moodle and Edmodo. So, means I am on the right track :) I did not hear about many others in the list, but from not on I'd be more inclined to use an LMS that integrates some sort of social tools. I hear many LMSs started integrating those tools into their systems. Here, I am sharing the presentation that I did at ECER last year. I was basicly critiquing current traditional LMS use in education. Main argument is that "they limit teacher's creativity":
    In our University we use Moodle2. Last autumn we started to use Moodle2, it is a little more advanced version, but don't have possibilities for social media. I think also that as a disadvantage. Evrim, I would to ask you, which is the main subject of the students in this group? Are they subject teacher students? How about this your course and your role here, is that an independent course just for learning technology in education? Or are you studying some other subject, but you use this group and social media tools for learning the subject content? Whatever, I think these things are very usefull for the students despite of the disciplines.
    Matti, this is "Research and Practice on Technology in Teacher Education" graduate course. Students are from the masters and PhD programs such as computer education, science education, curriculum and instruction, math education, and physical education. Throughout the semester, we will be investigating recent Practices on how technology is integrated into teacher education programs as well as the TPACK framework. We are using these tools to extend our class interaction beyond what happens in a limited 3 hour face to face meetings. Besides, students are using this further after the class ends.

Relationship between TPACK and Technology Integration in education - 17 views

Thanks for your comment Evrim. I try to give an example. Technological content knowledge: The teacher has knowledge about electronics and programming. He expects the students to learn this knowledg...

Merve Kiymaz

Tapped In as a CoP - 1 views

    As you may have noticed in Schlager & Fusco (2003), an online community of practice was developed for education professionals to ease their interaction. For further consideration, you can check it out.

Social Media in Education - 3 views

It is time to look at how some of our outdated teaching practices can be changed to help students learn more effectively & efficiently. practice Media can help us engage digital natives and revol...

started by haticeyagci on 29 Mar 16 no follow-up yet
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