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Evrim Baran

The Best School in the World, Finnish School exhibition at CerModern, Ankara - 8 views

    My students from last semester shared with me recently. This exhibition at CerModen gives some demonstrations and information about Finnish schools and the school and teaching environments created within those schools. Finnish educational system has been quite popular around the world because of the students' success in international PISA scores. Please consider visiting this exhibit. Perhaps we can initiate a conversation here and I think Matti's insights would be valuable.
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    I think visiting the exhibition will be useful to understand Finnish perspective on education and how and why they are successful. Also there is a seminar about this topic, I wish I could attend the seminar but I have to attend my serious games and simulation course.
    I think that the most important fact in the backround of the succes in Pisa is the equality on education in Finland. Together with expertice of Finnish teachers and effective teacher education they have grounded the PISA succes. If you have interest to familiarize you to the Finnish core curriculum, you 'll find the english version of the document here: We have started the process to renew our curricula: some information about this:
    I think Finnish education system, which ranks in top 5 in PISA 2009, deserves to be examined in more detail. In that sense, Matti, would you mind if I asked you a couple of questions about Finish Educational System? :) As far as I understood, the core curriculum in Finland is determined by the government (please correct if I am wrong). Are there any institutions or schools that design their own curricula, or do all educational institutions have to follow the core curriculum developed by the government? In addition, who are responsible for the books that are used in schools? Are they also provided by the government or does the government buy them from private companies? And lastly, what about technology? How technology is used in Finnish schools? Who provides resources? Do school go through any educational process for technology integration in classrooms? If it is more convenient to answer, I would be glad if you provided me links or resources that I can find answers, thank you in advance, PISA 2009 Scores:
    I "ll willingly answer your questions: "The national core curriculum is determined by the Finnish National Board of Education. It includes the objectives and core contents of different subjects, as well as the principles of pupil assessment, special-needs education, pupil welfare and educational guidance. The principles of a good learning environment, working approaches as well as the concept of learning are also addressed in the core curriculum. The present national core curriculum for basic education was confirmed in January 2004 and it was introduced in learnings in August 2006. The education providers, usually the local education authorities and the learnings themselves draw up their own curricula for pre-primary and basic education within the framework of the national core curriculum. These curricula may be prepared for individual municipalities or institutions or include both sections." That means, that every municipalities and public learnings, as well as private learnings have to make their own curricula. In these curricula they can more detailed to determine´the aims and contents of their own. Local characteristics and emphasis are so possible, but any contradictions with the national core curriculum are possible. Still, the level of the national core curriculum is partly quite common, and the requirements can be fullfilled in many alternative ways. You'll find this information in briefly in: The books used in our learnings are published by the private companies, for example WSOY, OTAVA and SANOMA PRO. For example, SANOMA PRO "offers one of the largest Virtual learning Environments for K-12 learning to learnings and students. This service is called OPIT, and it was launched in 2002. At the moment there are over 170.000 active users. The success of
    Thank you for those valuable information. In Turkey, our curricula and books have been being revised by Turkish Ministry of Education in line with constructivist perpectives. Additionally, the government has decided to produce "enriched books" which are electronic versions of traditional books including multimedia materials to introduce educational technology to the new education system. Still, who will produce the books are under discussion. That's why I decided to examine different education systems in the world to have an idea about successful decisions and implementations. As far as I understand, books are prepared by private companies in Finland. I will check the links that you provided about book companies for having more detailed insight. Still, would you please tell me what happens if the curricula prepared by local authorities contradict the principles and objectives of national core curriculum? Do local authorities still have right to implement them?
    I think the situation you presented is not possible becouse of the process of planning and executing the local curriculum. The teachers, teachers principals and local authorities in Finland are very engaged in the national core curriculum. Further, there exists space for adjustments, emphases and interpretation inside the national guidelines.
    Ok thanks, it is not surprising to rank in 5 if you arrange your system according to the needs of your students and provide high quality teachers.
Matti Pirttimaa

Crafts, technology and design: That's what we are doing - 12 views

The students graduated from us will be employed in the Finnish comprehensive schools as the craft school. If they have made the minor subject studies that lead to a qualification as a class teach...

Tuğba Altan

Week7 discussion questions - 15 views

I think in virtual schools teacher's role is not same as face-to-face instruction, instead a guidance interacting with students socially. In this role, teacher challenges with dialogue and interact...

Virtual Schooling

Murat Kol

Discussion questions on simulations and virtual reality in teacher education? - 4 views

1. Can (or Should) "Virtual Schools" be used as a substitute for real School practice in teacher education? 2. Is it an appropriate comparison that being a teacher and a pilot which is used for int...

Virtual school teacher education

started by Murat Kol on 17 Apr 13 no follow-up yet

Computers 'do not improve' pupil results, says OECD - BBC News - 1 views

    Investing heavily in school computers and classroom technology does not improve pupils' performance, says a global study from the OECD. The think tank says frequent use of computers in schools is more likely to be associated with lower results. The OECD's education director Andreas Schleicher says school technology had raised "too many false hopes".
    I think the report does not show that technology is useless, but shows that we still need enourmous work on learning and teaching effective use of it. Here is another piece of news showing many learning use technology for teacher-centered, traditional education. It brought my mind the concept of "teacher effect" that we talked in the class. " Why Ed Tech Is Not Transforming How learning Teach"
Halil Han AKTAŞ

The State of Digital Education Infographic - 6 views

    This infographic is to show some dynamics that make a shift to technology in education necessary. Examples given in it present the alterative power the internet has. And, the personalized learning is one of the most important advantages of technology use as an alternative to "one-size-fits-all" models as discussed in readings, which is emphasized in this infographic too.
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    I have a question :) Online tools for enhancing the learning or is it an alternative for the learnings?
    I guess, depending on the case, the answer is both. As presented in the infographic, there are situations -for example where people can not reach schools as a result of various reasons- that make online tools a good alternative for the schools. I believe that "alternative" is a keyword for this discussion and presenting people different choices is a good approach for me. There are ideas emphasizing that "technology will not replace school but school who do not use technology will be replaced" which can be agreed upon; yet, there are others too. For example, can we ignore the ideas of progressivists if they aim to use technology to create the ideal conditions that can not be realized in institutionalized schools for the education they think the most proper?
    Of course, we cannot ignore "use of technology" to create ideal conditions for today's education settings. Then, it can be said use effectively and benefited from it or them.

Integrating technology in a field-based teacher training program - 1 views

The Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology (PT3) initiative has funded various efforts to improve and enhance the technology preparation of preservice Teachers. At Arizona State University...

technology education integration teaching school

started by Tuğba BAHÇEKAPILI on 05 Mar 13 no follow-up yet
Ecenaz Alemdağ

Bridging the app gap: An examination of a professional development initiative on mobile learning in urban learnings - 8 views

    Dear Friends, I strongly recommend that you read this article. The researchers designed, implemented and evaluated a PD program to help urban teachers in low-income underserved teacherss in the U.S. learn how to utilize iPads and educational apps to support teaching and teachers
    Dear Ecenaz, thank you for sharing it! And you can download it for free from the following link: You can download from the box above on the left of the page. I think it might guide us for our PD designs.
Merve Başdoğan

EDMODO - Social, Educational, Learning Platform... - 0 views

    "Join over 33 million teachers and students safely connecting in online classrooms, collaborating on assignments, discovering new resources, and more!"
    * Edmodo is an online networking application for teachers and students. * Think Facebook, but in a safe and controlled environment appropriate for teachers edmodo is primarily a tool for within class communication, but it also provides several ways for teachers to connect with other teachers. * Over 500,000students are using edmodo worldwide
Özlem Tantu

10 Signs You Are a Tech-Savvy Teacher Infographic - e-Learning Infographics - 2 views

    Check the 10 signs and see how tech-savvy you are as a teacher :) It is good to see that looking for conferences to attend for summer holidays is not a sign of being a 'workaholic' but a 'tech-savvy teacher'
ahsen ozturk

What Teachers Want from Educational Technology Tools Infographic - e-Teachers Infographics - 0 views

    The What Teachers Want from Educational Technology Tools Infographic presents what kinds of digital instructional tools educators consider essential to help their students be prepared for college and careers in the 21st century.

10 Pros And Cons Of A Flipped Classroom - 5 views

    In the article, you can find beneficial explanation of advantages and limitations of flipped classrooms.
    Thank you for this informative and easy-to-read article Ezgi. I agree with most of what the writer argues; however, the 2nd con about "trusting" the student made me feel a bit unease because as teachers and also human beings we have to trust others at least to a certain degree and I believe that teachers are a bit way too sceptical as to their students' credibility. I get the reasons behind this and totally agree yet still argue that we shouldn't count "trusting the student" as a con for flipped classrooms. After all, in a traditional teachers, the teacher still counts on the student when she sees a completed homework which might have been done by the student's father.
    Thanks for your sharing Ezgi, I really like it :) In my opinion, 5th con is valuable to discuss because there are so many studies in the literature indicating that screen time has been considered as a main issue for physical inactivity among children and adolescences. Almost all parents complain about their children's long time usage of technological devices. Therefore, while planning a flipped classroom, this subject must be considered seriously.
Ecenaz Alemdağ

How Flipped Classrooms Change from Schools to Colleges Infographic - e-School Infographics - 4 views

    Both K12 and higher education classes can be adapted to flipped classrooms. In this infographic, flipped classrooms applied for two education levels are compared with regard to some criteria. While there are more research studies on flipped learning for higher education than ones for K12, it is interesting to see that while 78% of learning learning flipped one lesson in 2014, only 29% of college instructors tried flipping a class.
Merve Kiymaz

MIT Center for Mobile Learning - 1 views

    MIT Center for Mobile Learning, in colloboration with the MIT Media Lab encourages Learning and academic faculty to develop their own mobile apps to facilitate in education.
Hatice Çilsalar

This week's articles.. - 5 views

These are the article that I found and will read as this week's assigment. Read and enjoy it. Modeling primary school pre-service school' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) for m...

technology education Teaching tpack primaryschooleducation

started by Hatice Çilsalar on 15 Mar 13 no follow-up yet
Ahmet Sami Konca

Home videos keep AP class on course during snowy season :: - 2 views

    More on this Many North Carolina students had class for only two days in the last two weeks because of the icy weather. But that doesn't mean some of them haven't been learning, or that learning have stopped teaching. On Friday morning at Millbrook High learning in Wake County, Mark Grow carefully sidestepped an icy pathway where someone was shoveling. There is no snow holiday!

EdTech Leaders Online | Online Professional Development - 0 views

shared by sonaycaner on 29 Mar 15 - Cached
    EdTech Leaders Online (ETLO) is an program for K-12 school districts, state departments of education, regional service centers, teacher training institutions, and other educational organizations to enable them to provide effective online school programs for school, administrators, and students.
ipek saralar

Strategy of the Week: Teaching with Games - 0 views

    "Children learn best when the content is relevant to them and when they can connect new learning with old," says Marcia Baldanza, principal of Patrick Henry Elementary learning in Alexandria, Virginia. Finding the Velcro to make those connections can be challenging, but with games, it's easy."

A new vision for mobile learning - 0 views

    In 2011, Katy Independent School District, in partnership with Cisco, launched the final phase of a technology transformation. The School explain how they transformed their vision of instruction by integrating mobile School strategies.
Ecenaz Alemdağ

The Flipped Classroom Infographic: Turning Traditional Education On Its Head - e-Learning Infographics - 2 views

    One of the most popular models mentioned nowadays... The results in this infographic shows the reason of this fame. Looks like flipping a classroom fosters both academic and social skills of students as it decreases the percentage of failure and number of discipline cases :)
    This infographic presents comprehensive information about flipped classrooms. Before I saw this infographic, I did not know how this new learning model emerged. It is great to see that two high learning learning leaded this model.
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