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Relationship between TPACK and Technology Integration in education - 17 views

Thanks for your comment Evrim. I try to give an example. Technological content knowledge: The teacher has knowledge about electronics and programming. He expects the students to learn this knowledg...

ahmet ilci

How to measure TPACK - 3 views

Hi everyone. This is a scale that is developed by Schmdit and colleagues (2009) to measure the TPACK. Survey consists of 7 main domains which are 1-Technology Knowledge (TK) 2-Content Knowledge (CK...

started by ahmet ilci on 22 Mar 13 no follow-up yet
Halil Kayaduman

TPACK Instruments - 29 views

Hocam I had written them on wiki. Sorry for late answer.

Gamze Çetinkaya

Examining TPACK Among K-12 Online Distance Educators in the United States - 2 views

    A survey instrument designed to measure K-12 online teachers' knowledge with respect to three key domains as described by the TPACK framework: technology, pedagogy, content, and the combination of each of these areas.
    Are they measuring knowledge? Self-assessment of knowledge?
    It is a self-assessment survey. The respondents were asked to rate their own knowledge of a set of tasks related to technology, pedagogy, content, and blending of these areas with a question of "How would you rate your own knowledge in doing the following tasks associated with teaching in a distance education setting?".
Tuğba Altan

Week7 discussion questions - 15 views

I think in virtual schools teacher's role is not same as face-to-face instruction, instead a guidance interacting with students socially. In this role, teacher challenges with dialogue and interact...

Virtual Schooling


Assessing Pre-service English as a Foreign Language Teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge | Öz | International Education Studies - 3 views

    This is a research study carried out in Turkey. To assess pre-service English as a foreign language teachers' technological pedagogical content knowledge, Technological Pedagogical Content knowledge Scale was used and students were asked to answer some open-ended questions. The results of the study revealed a highly developed knowledge of TPACK among undergraduate students of an ELT program at a public university in Turkey. On the basis of the results, it is suggested that the integration of content, pedagogy and technological knowledge into the existing teacher education paradigm and fostering technologically-rich environment for language learners will contribute to quality learning and teaching.
Gamze Çetinkaya

Week 4: Introduction to Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Framework - 21 views

Is teachers' having higher levels of TPACK is enough to improve instruction? What are the students' role in technology enhanced education?

tpack components technology pedagogy content


TPACK Explained - 0 views

    Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) attempts to identify the nature of Knowledge required by teachers for technology integration in their teaching, while addressing the complex, multifaceted and situated nature of teacher Knowledge. The TPACK framework extends Shulman's idea of Pedagogical Content Knowledge.

How Do We Measure TPACK? Let Me Count the Ways - 2 views

    This chapter is from the handbook of "Educational Technology, Teacher Knowledge, and Classroom Impact: A Research Handbook on Frameworks and Approaches" I am curious about this book:) and its chapters.
Tuğba Altan

Rationale for Integrating Technology into Teacher Education-Today Second Facilitating Q... - 18 views

I think that the treshold to use educational technology also in their inservice lives is lower, if they have used it in preservice education. I have introduced my students for example some interac...

technology inteagration teaching education

Evrim Baran

Understanding and Profiling Teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Development Patterns | National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore - 5 views

    This is a TPACK project example from Singapore.
mustafa şat

A web site containing detailed information about components of TPACK - 0 views

    This web site provides a lot of information to the person who want to know which composition of components forms TPACK framework. Each TPACK components including TPACK, TPK, TCK, PCK, TK, PK, CK is explained. Pedagogical Content Knowledge seems to be the most important one because TPACK framework is built on PCK (Pedagogical Content Knowledge)
Evrim Baran

AJET 28(8) Alayyar, Fisser and Voogt (2012) - Developing technological pedagogical content knowledge in pre-service science teachers: Support from blended learning - 1 views

    TPACK in science domain

The Dynamics of Online Communities in the Activity Theory Framework - 1 views

    The aim of this study is to reveal how well online communities of practice (oCoPs) help teachers share explicit knowledge and bring their tacit knowledge to the surface.

Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge (TPACK) SIG - SITE - 2 views

shared by sebahatgok on 04 Apr 16 - No Cached
    TPACK Papers in LearnTechLib (800+) TPACK SIG Forum on Academic Experts TPACK SIG blog Catalyzed by much interest at the SITE 2007 conference and launched during SITE 2008 by Judi Harris, Matt Koehler, Mario Kelly, and Punya Mishra, the Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge (TPACK) SIG seeks to bring together researchers, developers, and teacher educators interested
E.Yasin Çiftçi

Context and Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK): A Systematic Review - 3 views

    As recent educational research (including educational technology) has implied, context is extremely important to TPACK framework. By "context" it is usually meant classroom, teacher, student, and societal factors. Therefore, the complexities of TPACK do not develop in isolation but in a complex and dynamic relationship with all those contextual factors. However, this study shows that context is usually missing from research about TPACK. In this direction, Rosenberg and Koehler (2015) underscore the importance of including contextual factors in TPACK research and of showing the role of context on teachers' knowledge and practice in terms of technology integration. Personally speaking, I believe TPACK research should not only focus on survey findings but also should be accompanied by complex qualitative data focusing on micro and macro contextual factors.
Serap Sarıkaya

Pre-service Physical Education Teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Technology Integration Self-efficacy and Instructional Technology Outcome Expectations - 3 views

    In Turkey, there are limited studies in physical education and sport field related to TPACK. Shared article can be given as a good example that aimed to identify the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK), Technology Integration Self Efficacy (TISE) and Instructional Technology Outcome Expectations (ITOE) of pre-service physical education teachers. Findings revealed that while TPACK, TISE and ITOE perceptions of pre-service physical education teachers were at satisfactory levels, university instructors were not good role models in the use of technology in their classrooms. Pre-service teachers reported that integration of physical education and sport-related emerging technologies were almost non-existent in the teaching practices within the university setting.
    Unfortunately this is a common problem for every institute and department. Instructors are not enthusiastic and creative use of technology in classroom. In my undergraduate study in CEIT ! , we processed many courses with only PowerPoint presentations :) we learnt many technology but the integration of technology in teacher training is unfortunately insufficient.
Hatice Çilsalar

This week's articles.. - 5 views

These are the article that I found and will read as this week's assigment. Read and enjoy it. Modeling primary school pre-service teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) for m...

technology education Teaching tpack primaryschooleducation

started by Hatice Çilsalar on 15 Mar 13 no follow-up yet
Gamze Çetinkaya

TPACK for Science Education - 1 views

    A nice prezi related to TPACK in science education prepared by Jamie Smith.
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