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E.Yasin Çiftçi

End The Classroom War On Classroom Devices - 2 views

    The author of this article tries to answer why so many teachers are resistant to mobile devices in their mobiles although their students tend to believe that smartphones and laptops can assist their learning. After reading the text, I realized how social attitude toward mobile learning can be a decisive factor in terms of its integration into education.

The Importance of Technology in Education - 2 views

    This infographic presents 5 benefits of using technology in teacher education. One of the benefits that I found interesting was "technology reduces weight". I agree with this benefit a lot. Since I am a commuter as a doctoral student, I feel this benefit deeply. I used to carry huge handbooks and articles for a single presentation or a class reading. I now carry my iPad and use my cloud account on my tech tools, and read everywhere. I feel more comfortable and mobile now with the reduced weight and the less paper.
    I like your choice which is simple but clearly describes what the benefits of using technology in the classroom :)
ipek saralar

Distance Education at Harvard Extension - 0 views

    They offer more than 300 Harvard classes in several formats online to deliver convenient Harvard lectures to your computer or mobile device. Most of our distance education courses are offered in our 15-week fall or spring semester.
    I've been facilitating the extension program since my undergrad years which is beyond useful, to me. We'll also cover some aspects of it in our presentation. Thanks for sharing, İpek!
Merve Kiymaz

Dynamics of M-Learning in Higher Education - 0 views

    The presentation mentions the main cornerstones and flow of m-learning in higher education in detail.
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