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Ecenaz Alemdağ

Bridging the app gap: An examination of a professional development initiative on mobile learning in urban schools - 8 views

    Dear Friends, I strongly recommend that you read this article. The researchers designed, implemented and evaluated a PD program to help urban teachers in low-income underserved schools in the U.S. learn how to utilize iPads and educational apps to support teaching and learning
    Dear Ecenaz, thank you for sharing it! And you can download it for free from the following link: You can download from the box above on the left of the page. I think it might guide us for our PD designs.
Burcu Çetin

Let's Practice What We Teach: Flipping Faculty Development - 2 views

    A flipped PD design. Some of us may want to try it. :)

The Pedagogy Wheel Poster - 6 views

    You can use this wheel while choosing the appropriate apps when designing your PDs. I planned to print this and distribute it after my presentation, but its better to put it here and don't waste papers :)
E.Yasin Çiftçi

The 20 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher Should Have - 4 views

    My gut feelings tell me that this list is somewhat incomplete despite its exhaustive coverage. Nevertheless, I found it good enough to share. :) You may follow the embedded links under each skill in order to explore each in-depth.
    Thank you, Yasin. I think this comprehensive list will be helpful while designing our PDs.

Professional Guidance on the Use of Electronic Communication and Social Media - 2 views

    I do not know if a similar guide is available for Turkish teachers, but the General Teaching Council for Scotland has prepared a guidance document to help Scottish teachers with "identifying potential dangers, offering some guidance about how to avoid them and providing a context for responsible, professional use of electronic communication and social media." The guide concludes as follows: Before posting materials online stop and ask yourself: (1) Will the content reflect poorly on you, your school, employer or the teaching profession? (2) Is your intention to post this material driven by personal reasons or professional reasons? (3) Are you confident that the comment or other media in question, if accessed by others, (colleagues, parents etc) would be considered reasonable and appropriate?
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