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Professional Guidance on the Use of Electronic Communication and Social Media - 3 views

    I do not know if a similar guide is available for Turkish teachers, but the General Teaching Council for Scotland has prepared a guidance document to help Scottish teachers with "identifying potential dangers, offering some guidance about how to avoid them and providing a context for responsible, professional use of electronic communication and social media." The guide concludes as follows: Before posting materials online stop and ask yourself: (1) Will the content reflect poorly on you, your school, employer or the teaching profession? (2) Is your intention to post this material driven by personal reasons or professional reasons? (3) Are you confident that the comment or other media in question, if accessed by others, (colleagues, parents etc) would be considered reasonable and appropriate?
Ecenaz Alemdağ

25 Ways Teachers Can Integrate Social Media Into Education - 6 views

    The infographic is about how teachers can integrate Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Wordpress into education.It suggests that there are four dimensions. They are connect, notify, teach and curate.
    The tips in this infographic are really good Ecenaz. Thank you for sharing them. In my opinion, the best thing about it is that the tips are highly integrable for all disciplines.
    Ece, this is a very helpful guide for teachers on how to use social media in classroom.
Merve Kiymaz

50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom - 1 views

    Bunch of inspiring ideas to use Twitter for educational contexts. I've been benefiting from a couple of them in my classes, and I safely assert that Twitter increases interaction of the students, if properly used.
Özlem Tantu

How To Use Social Media In Education - 0 views

    "When you step away from the prepackaged structure of traditional education, you'll discover that there are many more ways to learn outside school than within." - Kio Start Loved this quote !! + I am shocked to see how they used vine videos to explain science :)
    The warning for social media privacy is quite an important aspect, indeed. Thanks for this educative article, Özlem!
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