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Kirstin Riddick

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started by Kirstin Riddick on 05 Feb 12
  • Kirstin Riddick
    This Media Library will contain multimedia websites teachers and students can use under the creative commons licensing.
  • Kirstin Riddick

    CC mixter is a great place if you are looking for music for an education project. This resource gives you access to a plethora of songs you can use for podcasts or other multimedia projects. You have legal rights to re-mix this music also.
  • Kirstin Riddick

    What teacher doesn't use clip art! Use this website to acquire and share clip art for free with no restrictions.
  • Kirstin Riddick

    Got images? Flckr has millions of images one can use under creative commons licensing. Images can be incorporated into podcasts, slideshows, etc.
  • Kirstin Riddick

    Wikimedia Commons is a portal of millions of images videos and sounds teachers and students can use freely.
  • Kirstin Riddick

    This website serves as a place to acquire open source videos.

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