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U.S. agencies to clean up uranium on Navajo land - 0 views

    The U.S. government will spend tens of millions of dollars to assess and clean up uranium contamination across the vast Navajo Reservation, but the effort is unlikely to erase decades of frustration over what has been characterized as a slow and sporadic federal response. The new five-year plan is the first coordinated push to measure and fix the environmental damage that resulted from a Cold War hard-rock mining boom in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.
Energy Net

The Irish Times - Sellafield's nuclear waste 'more dangerous' than Chernobyl - 0 views

    SELLAFIELD HAS the world's biggest stockpile of plutonium and uranium and storage tanks contain highly volatile radioactive waste "more dangerous" than the Chernobyl reactor, according to a study published today. The study, Voodoo Economics and the Doomed Nuclear Renaissance, also says the British government is now unlikely to meet its 1998 commitment under the Ospar Convention to reduce "close to zero" Sellafield's radioactive discharges into the Irish Sea by 2020.

ion exchange resin - 2 views

    Ion exchange resins can separate, concentrate, purify and extract uranium from depleted uranium ore and extract precious metals such as vanadium, tungsten, molybdenum, rare earth elements and gold and silver.
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