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Energy Net

The debate goes nuclear - Times Online - 0 views

    While the arguments rage on both sides, the experts say that time is running out For the workers at Oldbury-on-Severn nuclear power plant, the next new year celebrations could be rather poignant. Just as Britain is planning the rebirth of nuclear power generation, their ageing plant will be closing down, probably on December 31. Oldbury, in Gloucestershire, has been pouring power into the national grid since 1967 and is the latest in a series of closures that has seen Britain's nuclear generating capacity fall from nearly 40% of the nation's needs in the 1980s to just 15% now. Most of the slack has been taken up by new gas-fired stations.
Alex Parker

UK election 2015: all quiet on the energy front? - 1 views

    The upcoming UK general election promises to be the most unpredictable in decades, but how could it affect Britain's energy future? Labour's energy price freeze has sparked debate, but uncertainty and ambiguity is rife in British energy policy, threatening the country's transition to a low-carbon energy mix.
Brian G. Dowling

FAQ: The Obama Energy Plan « Earth2Tech - 0 views

  • Now that the Democratic Party has a presumptive nominee, it’s time to take a closer look at Sen. Barack Obama’s energy plan and how he intends to use the office of the president to accelerate our transition to a greener economy. We profiled Sen. John McCain’s energy plan earlier, and since energy will almost certainly not get as much debate time as Iraq, health care or the economy, we encourage you to compare McCain’s and Obama’s plans and comment below. (The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on the comparison this morning.)
    Provides information on where both McCain and Obama stand on energy issues.
    An update on the bio-fuels question Barack Obama has, as have many of us, changed his view on bio-fuels according to this Wired Magazine article
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