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Energy Net

Peak Energy: Smart Fridges - 0 views

    Cleantechnica reports that the UK is experimenting with smart fridges (fridges that adjust their power consumption dynamically based on grid load) - UK Giving Away "Intelligent Fridges". Live in the UK? You may be the lucky recipient of a free "intelligent" refrigerator. 3,000 fridges that adapt power usage based on the demands of the electrical grid will be given away by the government next year. According to a report from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, the dynamic demand fridges could potentially save 2 million tons of carbon each year and £222m. In addition to saving energy, the dynamic demand fridges will also help ease the transition to intermittently produced renewable energy by reducing the minimum amount of power necessary to keep the electrical grid stable- in other words, the fridges limit the base amount of fossil fuels used in energy creation.
Energy Net

Offshore wind farms could meet a quarter of the UK's electricity needs | Environment | - 0 views

    The UK's seas could provide enough extra wind energy to power the equivalent of 19m homes, according to an assessment by the government. The government's strategic environmental assessment (Sea) confirmed projections that an extra 25GW of electricity generation capacity could be accommodated in UK waters. This would be in addition to the 8GW of wind power already built or planned offshore, bringing the potential total electricity capacity of offshore wind to 33GW - enough to power every household in the UK.

ralph lauren sale uk Except for - 0 views

The robins, I see, have made the coal-house their home. Waster Lunny's dog never barks without rousing my sluggish cat to a joyful response. It is Dutch courage with the birds and beasts of the gle...

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cheap ralph lauren dresses - 0 views

" "A fairy can believe anything that ever was or ever could be," said the old woman. "Then are you a fairy?" asked the prince. "Yes," ...

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Do you remember nothing?;Nothing, nothing at all, I answered earnestly.quot;But what of my friend?He also is better. The Khania Atene nurses him.Atene? I said. quot;That is an old Egyptian name. It...

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Energy Net

Britain tries to block green energy laws | Environment | The Guardian - 0 views

    Britain is trying to water down tough new European legislation to boost the uptake of renewable energy, despite a pledge by Gordon Brown last month to launch a "green revolution" based on clean technology. Documents obtained by the Guardian show the UK wants to block attempts to give renewable electricity sources such as wind farms priority access to the national grid. The European official who drafted the legislation accused Britain of "obstructing" EU efforts on renewables and said UK officials wanted to protect traditional energy suppliers and their coal, gas and nuclear power stations.
Energy Net

We cannot afford not to invest in renewables | Comment is free | - 0 views

    The UK government's renewables consultation called for a green revolution in energy. In doing so, it created a perfect tabloid rod for its own back. The proposed cost-to-consumer calculated by the Department of Business were based on the vanishingly unlikely prospect of an oil price as low as $70 a barrel in 2020. Expected additions to UK energy bills, at that oil price, would be 10-13% for electricity and 18-37% for gas, the government said.

ralph lauren wholesale uk He thought - 0 views

" "It's not more than three miles. But mind what you are about, you know." "Why do you say that?" "If you're after any mischief, she'll make yo...

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ralph lauren outlet online uk Also much - 0 views

The Khania need not be described. She was as she had been in the chambers of the Gate, only more weary looking; indeed her eyes had a haunted air and it was easy to see that the events of the previ...

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She is the real ruler of this land, and I stand next to her." "Then I pray you," said Leo, "keep me out of the way of that drunken man, for, look you, if I am at...

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cheap ralph lauren mens uk None of them - 0 views

No one had a good word for him, and lately he had been flush of money. That was sufficient. There was a rush of angry men through the "pend" that led to his habitation, and he was...

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ralph lauren wholesale uk - 0 views

There was a good deal of hanging in those days; and yet the authorities had an ugly way of reprieving condemned men on whom the sight-seers had been counting. An air of gloom would gather on my old...

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" "Whom do you live with?" he asked. "My wicked old grannie," she replied. "You shouldn't call your grannie wicked," said the gentlema...

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Cheap ralph lauren feather jacket - 0 views

Six of the 11 panellists were academics).The Report also makes more than 30 recommendations that should be applied if a fracking project was to proceed ranging mandatory health and environmental im...

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ralph lauren uk However, global demand - 0 views

"The truth is that over a 10- or 20-year period, it depends largely on how fast the Earth warms, and we can't predict the pace of warming very precisely. So the best we can do is try to determine t...

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Energy Net

SeaGen tidal power marine turbine plugs into electricity grid | Environment | - 0 views

    An underwater turbine that generates electricity from tidal streams was plugged into the UK's national grid today. It marks the first time a commercial-scale underwater turbine has fed power into the network and the start of a new source of renewable energy for the UK.
rebo trampoline

10ft trampolines - 0 views

  • is a one stop shopping site selling trampolines, trampoline parts and accessories in the uk, at cheaper than retail prices. Safety measures and protection equipment for trampolines is also available on the site as well as a brief history.
becomea paramedic

I Passed The Paramedic Recruitment Process on My First Attempt - 1 views

I really wanted to become a paramedic in the UK. That is why I went online and sought out the help of HowToBecomeAParamedic. They gave me useful insider tips, advice and products (which I bought,...

become a paramedic

started by becomea paramedic on 29 Sep 11 no follow-up yet
Doughlas David

One Step Closer To Your Dreams - 1 views

The trains and railways provide speed and ease to travelling passengers. I love trains and that motivates me to Become a train driver. I really want to drive a train myself. I want to take every ...

Become a train driver

started by Doughlas David on 01 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
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