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Energy Net

U.S. solar field foresees cost parity with coal, gas |Reuters - 0 views

    - U.S. producers of solar power will no longer need federal subsidies within eight years because by then solar power will cost less than electricity generated by conventional power plants, industry players said this week. The U.S. government recently extended tax breaks for wind and solar producers for another eight years. They are set to expire in 2016.
Energy Net

Peak Energy: Cheaper Solar Concentrators - 0 views

    Technology Review has an article on making solar power cheaper using concentrators combined with PV panels - Cheaper Solar Concentrators. Skyline Solar, a startup that today announced its existence to the world, has developed a cheaper way to harvest energy from the sun. The company's solar panels concentrate sunlight onto a small area, reducing the amount of expensive semiconductor material needed to generate electricity. The technology will bring the cost of solar power in line with the average cost of electricity, at least in sunny areas, says Ben Eiref, Skyline Solar's director of product management. Currently, solar power can be far more expensive than electricity from conventional sources; many governments have resorted to subsidies to increase its use.
Energy Net

Wind and Solar Tax Credits Could Ride Into Law in Bailout Bill - - 0 views

    Last night was the tenth time since June 2007 that an extension of wind and solar tax credits have gone to the floor of the Senate. Seven times they have been stuck in bills that have gone to the floor of the House of Representatives. And they're still not law.
Alex Parker

Cuts and uncertainty: the UK's anaerobic digestion sector - 1 views

    The UK Government has proposed to reduce support for anaerobic digestion projects in the UK by slashing subsidies and reducing the amount of energy they can provide. There is a lot of innovative technology in the sector, but is this enough to keep...

Buy SSN Number - 100% Real Snn Number 2023 - 0 views

    Buy SSN Number Introduction All American citizens and authorized residents are given a Social Security Number (SSN), a special identity number, by the federal government of the United States. The SSN enables the government to monitor a person's lifetime earnings and tax payments. When a person applies for government benefits or services, the number also helps to confirm their identification. Buy SSN Number What is a Social Security Number? The Social Security Administration (SSA) of the United States issues social security numbers (SSNs), which are nine-digit identifying numbers. In addition to being used as an identity number for many other uses, the number is used to monitor people for tax purposes. Buy SSN Number The first social security numbers were given in 1936 after the Social Security Act was passed in 1935. The number has three components: an area number with the first three digits, a group number with the next two digits, and a serial number with the final four digits. Based on the zip code of the person's postal address, the SSA assigns the area number. The serial number is assigned consecutively within each group, and the group number is assigned at random. An individual receives the number when they make a social security card application. A social security number can be obtained without having a social security card. The number is primarily used for tax purposes, but many companies and government organizations also use it as an identifying number. Buy SSN Number What is the history of the SSN number? The nine-digit social security number (SSN) is given to citizens, lawful permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents of the United States in order to keep track of their income and confirm their identification. SSNs are issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Buy SSN Number The SSN was created with the intention of giving the government a method to monitor citizens' wages and disburse subsidies accordingly. In 1936, the f
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