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Citizen-Powered Media - Hooked on Growth - 0 views

    The world is finally doing something about climate change. People are changing their light bulbs and buying hybrid vehicles. Renewable energy is gaining ground. But is this enough? Policy-makers insist that environmental responsibility not come at the expense of economic growth. Massive energys in China and India are playing catch-up with America's consuming and polluting ways. And on a planet biologists believe can only support a few billion humans over the long haul, our energy is near seven billion and continuing to rise. Will our efforts to save the planet be nullified by our worship of growth?

Greenhouse bees spread disease to wild bees | Science & Health | Reuters - 0 views

    Disease spread to wild bees from commercially bred bees used for pollination in agriculture greenhouses may be playing a role in the mysterious decline in North American bee populations, researchers said on Tuesday.

Population Bomb Author's Fix For Next Extinction: Educate Women: Scientific American - 0 views

    It's an uncomfortable thought: Human activity causing the extinction of thousands of species, and the only way to slow or prevent that phenomenon is to have smaller families and forego some of the conveniences of modern life, from eating beef to driving cars, according to Stanford University scientists Paul Ehrlich and Robert Pringle.
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