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Ed Kerollis

FREE - Foundation for Research on Economics & the Environment - 0 views

    FREE is an organization devoted to social change that harmonizes environmental quality with responsible liberty and economic progress. They apply economics and scientific analysis to generate and explore alternative and innovative solutions to environmental problems.
Energy Net

Renewable Energy World North America Conference and Expo Starts Next Week - Renewable Energy World - 0 views

    Next Tuesday in Las Vegas renewable energy industry leaders, experts, companies and other interested participants will meet in Las Vegas to discuss how the industry is faring amidst the current economic conditions during Renewable Energy World North America, the renewable energy's leading expo and conference in North America. "While some companies may have delayed their growth plans in reaction to the current economic situation, I am hearing that they do plan to hire as soon as the U.S. stimulus package begins to take affect." -- Katharine Hart, Online Job Sales Manager, The show kicks off with a keynote round-table session that will set the stage for the 3-day event. During the session, leaders of the major renewable industry trade associations plus a senior executive from host utility NV Energy will take part in a round-table discussion on the economy, the economic stimulus bill and renewable energy initiatives likely to come from the Obama Administration and Congress. These individuals have their fingers on the pulse of their respective industries and should be able to shed light on the most current insights into what the next four years may hold for the industry.
Energy Net

The cost of wind, the price of wind, the value of wind - 0 views

    Jerome a Paris has an excellent (and long) article at TOD about the economics of wind power - The cost of wind, the price of wind, the value of wind. I'd like to try to clear some of the confusion that surrounds the economics of wind power, as it is often fed and used by the opponents of wind to dismiss it. As I noted recently, even the basic economics of energy markets are often wilfully misunderstood by commentators, so it's worth going in more detail through concepts like levelised cost and marginal cost, and identify how different electricity producers have different impacts on electricity (market) prices (which may or may not be reflected in retail prices) and have different externalities. Value for society of a generation source may also include other items that are harder to acount in purely monetary terms (and/or whose very value may be disputed), such as the long term risk of depletion of the fuel, or energy security issues, such as dependency on unstable and/or unfriendly foreign countries or vulnerable infrastructure.
xcute489 pas cher - 0 views

suite160;. Membre du parti conservateur, championne de la préférence impériale, elle est une spécialiste de l'économie indienne et publie en160;1924 The Economic Development of the British Overseas...

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Arabica Robusta

Transnational Institute | Pachakuti: Indigenous perspectives, degrowth and ecosocialism - 5 views

  • However, convincing northern consumers of the need for a new paradigm and new lifestyles, given the impossibility of endless growth on a limited planet, will not be an easy task.[8] A synthesis, of elements of sometimes overly holistic indigenous wisdom and of excessively compartmentalized western science, seems to me the a fruitful combination to provide guidance for a way out of the current crises which threaten the planet, our Mother Earth.
    • Arabica Robusta
      Dualist indigenous/western knowledge paradigm is partially useful at best.  Looking at relations of power and voice is more useful.  See Edelman's "Peasants Against Globalization"
  • the phrase “to live well but not better” (than others, or at the cost of others) is potentially confusing in English since “well” and “better” are similar if used to denote qualitative vs quantitative meaning. Language and culture are crucial elements if we are to convince others to understand and then follow this “dictum”. For example, English is a language based largely on nouns, while Anishinabe languages are dominated by verbs, resulting in cultures which focus respectively on objects versus process[12], with a resultant tendency to objectivize or integrate nature.[13] This may in part explain the domination of the planet today by English dominated cultures and may make the task of undoing this domination extra difficult.
  • Ecuadorian economist Pablo Davalos[16] provides a brief survey of the evolution of dependency, Marxist, world system and neo-liberal classical economics to show how we have arrived at a state of economic autism. He concludes that “Of the alternative concepts that have been proposed, the one that presents more options within its theoretical and epistemological framework to replace the old notions of development and economic growth, is Sumak Kawsay, good living.”
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  • The creation of “autonomous” zones of power in Chiapas, with parallel institutions of governance are said to have brought significant political transformation, but some say they have not yet created a viable model of economic autonomy for poor peasants.[22] Others cite civil – military tensions in the Juntas of Good Governance as reducing local autonomy.[23] Some feel that internal political organization has taken priority over social and economic improvements and weakened earlier efforts to reform the broader Mexican state and guarantee indigenous rights of self-determination.[24] Nevertheless, the Zapatista carcoles are models of governance which include many elements implicit in the ecosocialist and degrowth paradigms and further research on these experiences is sorely needed.
  • The protection and preservation of balance in the natural world, including all its living beings, is a primary goal and need of our proposal. Mother nature has inherent rights to exist on the Earth in an undiminished healthy condition.
    In its efforts to exert some political influence on solutions to the current world financial and climate crises the nascent international ecosocialist movement should direct some attention to a synthesis of the western ecosocialist discourse with the growing Latin American indigenous discourse that is making exciting progress, albeit in fits and starts, toward an international charter for the protection of the planet, Mother Earth, and all forms of life on it.

Electric Vehicles In An Electric-Centric World- Part 9- Economics & Risk - 0 views

    The real risk in this scenario is macro-economic: the energy markets and our economy convulse in epileptic spasms each time a sheik complains of chest pains or several sheiks start a family feud.
Ed Kerollis

PERC - The Property and Environment Research Center: - 0 views

    PERC--the Property and Environment Research Center-is the nation's oldest and largest institute dedicated to improving environmental quality through markets and property rights. Research is at the heart of PERC's work followed by outreach and education. Formed more than 25 years ago, PERC applies economic thinking to environmental problems. Located in Bozeman Montana, PERC pioneered the approach known as free market environmentalism (FME).
    PERC--the Property and Environment Research Center-is the nation's oldest and largest institute dedicated to improving environmental quality through markets and property rights.

Lacoste femme neuf pas cher - 0 views

Pour Datta, 160;la théorie économique, c'était seulement la microéconomie, et notamment les problèmes de détermination des prix des biens individuels pris un par un dans des marché compétitifs atom...

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T shirt ralph lauren pas cher - 0 views

27) that draws together the findings of a generation of specialists whose research has most often focused on one region or one segment of the aristocratic elite. Figeac argues reasonably that the t...

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ralph lauren feather jacket on sale - 0 views

The poll released today was commissioned from independent firm Franklin, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates - FM3, for the Natural Resources Defense Council. It was conducted among 802 voters f...

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cheap ralph lauren bags When asked to choose - 0 views

Global emissions must reduce by more than 5 per cent each year over several decades to keep climate change below 2°C.* This emission quota implies that over half of proven fossil reserves might hav...

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Bharatbookbureau MarketReport

Indian Coal Sector - 0 views

    India: Coal covers the sector overview, sector size, competitive landscape and enviromental scanning for India. It also covers the market trends and outlook, key economic indicators for India, coal demand, production, impors, prices and industry forecast, plus the profile, comparative matrix and SWOT analysis of the industry leading players: Coal India Ltd, Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd and Gujarat NRE Coke Ltd.
Joe La Fleur

Bad news: Jay Carney doesn't like questions about Obama's budget « Hot Air - 0 views

ivan sonic

Bad Credit Loans Monthly Payments- Acquire Individual Money Advance Now Without Any Trauma - 0 views

    Bad credit can actually be an irritation when you are penetrating for finance. It is almost not possible to get a first-class economics source if you have a deprived credit record on your back. Particularly if you call for superior amount loans in order to put your life and credit back on way. Bad Credit Loans Monthly Payments based on equality can give the currency desirable for many different purposes.
Energy Net

Boomtown Bremerhaven: The Offshore Wind Industry Success Story - Renewable Energy World - 0 views

    Formerly a region of high-unemployment, the German port of Bremerhaven has experienced a remarkable economic upturn, transforming into a major offshore wind power know-how centre and more. At least four of Germany's North Sea and Baltic Sea major ports have been transformed into the country's main wind industry logistical centres and/or equipment manufacturing/supply bases during the past few years. 'Of the €500 million invested for offshore wind power development along the German North Sea coastal region during the past years, about half came to Bremerhaven.' -- Jan Rispens, Managing Director, Windenergie Agentur Bremerhaven/Bremen (WAB) Emden serves as a main export harbour for Enercon wind turbines, and the German market leader operates a large concrete tower manufacturing plant within Emden's boundaries. BARD Engineering chose Emden as its offshore wind turbine assembly and rotor blade manufacturing location, while part of BARD's Tripile offshore foundations are being manufactured by a subsidiary company in Cuxhaven. Both BARD and Enercon have, in addition, built a foundry in the region, aimed at providing at least part of their individual demand for heavy-cast components.
Energy Net

Hartford Advocate: Cheap, Clean Power - 0 views

    That's what you get from fuel cells, as long as they're subsidized by generous grants By the time Hartford's Blue Hills Avenue reaches Bloomfield, it has turned into an economic-development director's fevered dream, with a parade of major corporations lining both sides of the wide avenue.
Energy Net

On American sustainability - summary | Energy Bulletin - 0 views

    Our American way of life is unsustainable; rather than attempting to perpetuate it, we must transition beyond it-quickly. Should we fail to do so, our society will collapse-in the not-too-distant future… Message to mainstream America: our American way of life-300+ million people enjoying historically unprecedented living standards-has been enabled by our increasingly dysfunctional ecological and economic behavior over the past 200 years. Our existing way of life is therefore unsustainable; in fact, America is facing imminent societal collapse.
Energy Net

Citizen-Powered Media - Hooked on Growth - 0 views

    The world is finally doing something about climate change. People are changing their light bulbs and buying hybrid vehicles. Renewable energy is gaining ground. But is this enough? Policy-makers insist that environmental responsibility not come at the expense of economic growth. Massive populations in China and India are playing catch-up with America's consuming and polluting ways. And on a planet biologists believe can only support a few billion humans over the long haul, our population is near seven billion and continuing to rise. Will our efforts to save the planet be nullified by our worship of growth?
Energy Net

Richard Heinberg's MuseLetter: New Coal Technologies | Global Public Media - 0 views

    For coal, the future of both extraction and consumption depends on new technology. If successfully deployed, innovative technologies could enable the use of coal that is unminable by gasifying it underground; reduce coal's carbon emissions; or allow coal to take the place of natural gas or petroleum. Without them, coal simply may not have much of a future. Are these technologies close to development? Are they economical? Will they work?
Brian G. Dowling

MIT World » : Implementing Sustainability Strategies - 0 views

  • “Environment is not a special, short-term project, not a fad or flavor of the month,” says Balta. IBM pursues opportunities in and out of the company, including “making brown green:” reducing waste in its business and industrial processes around the world; designing intelligent networks to improve the efficiency of electrical utility operations; developing systems for mitigating traffic congestion in cities; launching a Big Green innovation business unit; and creating an Eco Patent Commons, enabling users the free and unrestricted use of IBM technologies that help solve environmental challenges.
  • “We’re trying to find the sweet spot between social, economic and environmental areas that define sustainability, because at the end of the day if any one of those three legs of the stool aren’t available then the model itself falls down.” says Mark Buckley.
  • British Telecom is tackling three interdependent areas, says Kevin Moss: sustainable economic growth, climate change and creating a more inclusive society.
    ABOUT THE PANEL DISCUSSION: Companies sometimes regard sustainability as "metaphoric low-hanging fruit," says moderator Peter Senge, and reach for a few easy targets to achieve cosmetic improvements. His three panelists describe how their corporations are attempting to embrace sustainability as more than just another high-profile, low-impact initiative that "goes right into an overloaded bucket."
    We can't afford to think of business as the enemy. Businesses in many cases are realizing the importance of sustainability more quickly than the public sector which too often defines its view by outdated political philosophies. This video provides a great deal to think about.
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