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English translation: Gluttony kills more than the sword.Ne di Venere ne di Marte non si sposa ne si parte!Englishtranslation: Neither marriage nor war will go away once begun.Nessuna nuova, buona n...


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opinions1 opinions1

collezione occhiali da sole ray ban 2012 La gatta - 0 views

Quei poveri burattini, maschi e femmine, tremavano tutti come tante foglie."Perché sei venuto a mettere lo scompiglio nel mio teatro?" domandò il burattinaio a Pinocchio, con un vocione d'Orco grav...

offerte occhiali da sole uomo ray ban collezione 2012 2013

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Vegetarian Diet Can Only Solve Food Problem - 0 views

    Find out yourself why I claim in this way…a basic science to explain my claim.

Vegetarianism: Elixir of Life 3 - 0 views

    Enter to know how the world is getting into the grip of violence, hatred and negativity.

Wind Energy Storage: Pros and Cons: Eco20/20 - 0 views

    Wind energy is renewable and non-polluting. Now, it is time to focus on finding a non, reliable method of storing this energy source.

sac a main longchamp - 0 views

C'est dire que la violence à et de l'école est réelle. Face à elle, les parents des catégories sociales favorisées savent préparer leurs enfants aussi bien au conformisme qu'à la prise de distance,...

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Arabica Robusta

Africans Face Competing Visions of Agricultural Development at a Critical Juncture | Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy - 4 views

  • While it is not surprising that the IFIs mediate the global economy, often brutally, in favor of the OECD countries-the flip side would be to engage in development activities as if these global imbalances did not exist. This seems to be the Earth Institute's perspective. Their website describes their program as bringing the benefits of scientific expertise of "850 scientists, postdoctoral fellows, staff and students working in and across more than 30 Columbia University research centers" to solve "real world problems." The Earth Institute believes "finding solutions to one problem, such as extreme poverty, must involve tackling other related challenges, such as environmental degradation and lack of access to health care and education."
    • Arabica Robusta
      Good critique of the Earth Institute: "engage in development activities as if ... global imbalances did not exist."
  • The IFIs' fixation on macroeconomic indicators leads to the misguided belief that bumping up countries' GDPs will help poor Africans by way of some mythological trickle-down effect that has yet to materialize. This metric has led, among other things, to an inexorable push in Africa for large scale industrial agriculture for export markets, while leaving the peasant farmers who produce most of the food consumed by Africans out of the equation. The aid regime has thus done more to open Africa's agricultural resources for exploitation than to mitigate the roots of poverty and hunger in Africa.
  • It is not difficult to succeed when one has a lot of money and one defines success as eradicating poverty in individual villages.
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  • The villagers in Sauri are understandably happy with the results, but off the record they have criticized the non-inclusiveness of the top-down approach.[i] UN officials and scientists have also been reluctant to speak against Sachs on the record for fear of retribution.
  • The Millennium Villages siphon off money better spent elsewhere, and draw attention away from creative, grassroots approaches to local problems. Long-term solutions require sustainable low-tech methods that farmers can control, such as permaculture, seed banks, and green manure; as well as redistributive land reform and marketing boards to provide some security.
  • Millennium Challenge Corporation (no direct relation to the Millennium Villages project). Created in 2004, the MCC is a U.S. Government aid organization that has spent $5.5 billion since 2004 awarding contracts to private businesses in target countries. The MCC's focus on raising the overall GDP is being pursued with the same failed policies as the IFIs: aggressive privatization, foreign direct investment (predatory capital), and global integration.  One of the more contentious aspects for small farmers are land grabs by foreign investors, facilitated via MCC contracts for "Systematic Land Regularization and Improvement of Rural Land Allocation." A recent report by GRAIN reveals that the MCC has been using "Land Regularization" to change land ownership rules and gain access to tens of thousands of acres of land in three of the ECOWAS countries: Benin, Ghana, and Mali.
    Good critique of Earth Institute
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sac burberry La catéchèse s'évanoui - 0 views

x00A0;91). à l'opposé, le Dieu de SchreberxA0;: xA0;Donc ce Dieu le voici, nous savons déjà que c'est celui qui parle tout le tempsxA0;; celui qui ne s'arrête pas de parler pour ne rien direxA0; (L...

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