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indexed (blog) - 1 views

    This site is a little project that lets me make fun of some things and sense of others. I use it to think a little more relationally without resorting to doing actual math. Fun and interesting site with ideas mapped out on index cards.
James Miscavish

Welcome to - 4 views

    Collection of 'learning objects.' Lots of math and science stuff, but some good English stuff in here as well.
James Miscavish

All Interactive Whiteboard Resources - 3 views

    Some English IWB stuff. Not much, though, and it's mostly for elementary students.
GoEd Online

eBooks for Teachers - 18 views

    1,500+ eBooks for teachers (and growing!) - Elementary, English (ELA), Math, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, Cross-Curricular, Professional Development
    These books are not free. Posted by the editor
Sheri Edwards

CMS Test results invite scrutiny - - 0 views

  • Staff at both schools will collect 10- to 15-percent pay hikes based on this year's scores, money that goes away next year. The raises, paid for by county commissioners eager to see kids succeed at low-performing schools, illustrate the rewards and penalties that can hang on test scores.
  • In 2006, a principal split Garinger into five academies with specialized themes. The New Technology school emerged strong, but the rest of the campus struggled.
  • She was convinced the dismal pass rate could change but believed many needed stronger skills to pass exams. “We really had to put the brakes on things,” she said. That meant letting strong students go straight into the EOC classes. But weaker ones took a semester or more of preparatory classes designed to boost their reading, math or science skills.
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  • The Observer analysis shows an unusually large number of Garinger International students sidestepped EOC courses in 2008-09. (See box.)
  • This year the school added juniors, which meant enrollment grew by almost 50 percent. Yet the school gave 46 fewer tests.
  • In English I, which all ninth-graders must take, Garinger International's pass rate went from 67 to 81 percent.
  • the only thing we have to vary is the time it takes to attain the standards. We do not all learn at the same rate.
  • It sounds like the principal is trying to help all her kids be successful. Why must that be cause for suspicion??
    What do you think?
Adam Babcock

The Failure of American Schools - Magazine - The Atlantic - 3 views

  • recalcitrant
  • From 1960 to 1980, our supply of college graduates increased at almost 4 percent a year; since then, the increase has been about half as fast. The net effect is that we’re rapidly moving toward two Americas—a wealthy elite, and an increasingly large underclass that lacks the skills to succeed.
  • in education, despite massive increases in expenditure, we don’t see improved results
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  • That leads too many people to suspect that poverty is destiny, that schools can make only a small difference, and that therefore we’re unable to fix this problem, regardless of its seriousness. So why try?
  • That Kafkaesque outcome demonstrates precisely the way the system is run: for the adults. The school system doesn’t want to change, because it serves the needs of the adult stakeholders quite well, both politically and financially.
  • “Listen, they’re trying to get rid of a principal in my district who runs a Democratic club for us. If you protect him, you’ll never have a problem with me.” This kind of encounter was not rare.
  • President Obama was on to something in 2008 when he said: “The single most important factor in determining [student] achievement is not the color of [students’] skin or where they come from. It’s not who their parents are or how much money they have. It’s who their teacher is.” Yet, rather than create a system that attracts and rewards excellent teachers—and that imposes consequences for ineffective or lazy ones—we treat all teachers as if they were identical widgets and their performance didn’t matter.
  • The result: too few effective math and science teachers in high-poverty schools.
  • Many have candidly told me they are burned out, but they can’t afford to leave until their pension fully vests. So they go through the motions until they can retire with the total package.
  • And why give all teachers making $80,000, or more, a 10 percent raise? They’re not going to leave, since they’re close to vesting their lifetime pensions. By contrast, increasing starting salaries by $8,000 (rather than $4,000) would help attract and retain better new teachers.
Mark Smith

SpeEdChange: The Big Lies (Part Two) - 9 views

  • Why is a second grader "comparing and contrasting"? Because the Common Core is designed to preserve education as a self-contained hazing ritual for wealth and power maintenance. From the start we are preparing students to write the worthless five paragraph essay, so that those who comply best succeed best.
  • It is, of course, within those "extras" that the human spirit lies. Why learn to read if you cannot read about the things which matter most to you? Why learn to write if you can not write a song? Why learn to count if you do not appreciate the value of what you are counting?
  • The reason we must abandon "core subjects" and embrace Passion-Based Learning is that today we give students absolutely no reason to learn anything. We have turned school into a series of chores with no purpose. Eight-year-olds hate books and reading because they've spent three years drilling in decoding - literacy is pointless effort, not a path to passions. Sixteen-year-olds hate mathematics because they've spent eleven years drilling with numbers, x-s and y-s - maths are totally irrelevant, not a link to a magical world of real and virtual construction.
    Tell it, brother!
Kirstie Knighton

Teaching Channel: Videos, Lesson Plans and Other Resources for Teachers - 1 views

    Teacher videos, resources and lesson plans. Discover great ideas and strategies to use as a teacher with this collection of videos covering Math, Science, English, History and more.
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