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Karen LaBonte

Internet Search Challenge - 6 views

    Retrieving the information you need from the Internet can be challenging. Internet Search Challenges provide practice and demonstrate techniques to improve your search results and find credible information. This blog introduces new challenges, discusses the difficulties and how they may be overcome.
Adam Babcock

One U.S. Corporation's Role in Egypt's Brutal Crackdown | Save the Internet - 7 views

  • Egypt, where the Mubarak regime today reportedly shut down Internet and cell phone communications -- a troubling predictor of the fierce crackdown that has followed.
  • The tools that connect, organize and empower protesters can also be used to hunt them down.
  • Narus provides Egypt Telecom with Deep Packet Inspection equipment (DPI), a content-filtering technology that allows network managers to inspect, track and target content from users of the Internet and mobile phones, as it passes through routers on the information superhighway.
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  • arus global customers include the national telecommunications authorities in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia -- two countries that regularly register alongside Egypt near the bottom of Human Rights Watch's world report.
Leslie Healey

Will hyperconnected millennials suffer cognitive consequences? (Audio) | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project - 8 views

  • multitaskers who count on the Internet as their external brain and who approach problems in a different way from their elders,
  • mostly positive between now
  • and 2020
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  • exhibit a thirst for instant gratification and quick fixes, a loss of patience, and a lack of deep-thinking ability due to what one referred to as “fast-twitch wiring.”
  • In the report, Weinberger wrote, "Whatever happens, we won't be able to come up with an impartial value judgment because the change in intellect will bring about a change in values as well."
    note last line: there will be a change in values as a result of the changes in learning provoked by  he internet.We have embarked on the biggest social experiment of the century by accident.
ten grrl

Book Facsimiles: Internet Shakespeare Editions - 0 views

    The Internet Shakespeare Editions has high quality facsimilies of Shakespeare's Folios and Quartos available for viewing online. You may view the books in their entirety, page by page. The site includes facsimiles and transcriptions of Folio 1, Folio 2, Folio 3, and Folio 4, and many Quartos available online.
Meredith Stewart

News - For Teachers (Library of Congress) - 0 views

    Call from LoC for students to help archive the internet. Also link to new LoC teachers' page
Dennis OConnor

About The Internet Poetry Archive - 5 views

    Poems from more contemporary poets. Includes readings of some poems
    "The University of North Carolina Press joins the UNC Office of Information Technology in publishing the Internet Poetry Archive. The archive makes available over a worldwide computer network selected poems from a number of contemporary poets. The goal of the project is to make poetry accessible to new audiences (at little or no cost) and to give teachers and students of poetry new ways of presenting and studying these poets and their texts. "
Clifford Baker

Editorial Observer - Cutting and Pasting - A Senior Thesis by (Insert Name) - - 9 views

  • “This represents a shift away from the view of education as the process of intellectual engagement through which we learn to think critically and toward the view of education as mere training. In training, you are trying to find the right answer at any cost, not trying to improve your mind.”
  • Not everyone who gets caught knows enough about what they did to be remorseful.
  • “The big sleeping dog here is not the moral issue. The problem is that kids don’t learn if they don’t do the work.”
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  • The Pritchard axiom — that repetitive cheating undermines learning — has ominous implications for a world in which even junior high school students cut and paste from the Internet instead of producing their own writing.
  • When many young people think of writing, they don’t think of fashioning original sentences into a sustained thought. They think of making something like a collage of found passages and ideas from the Internet.
James Miscavish

Promoting Twitteracy in the Classroom | Apace of Change - 0 views

    i think a great way to use twitter is to go to twitter search - see what people are saying about a topic. i know i've used it in the last week to get up to date info on internet safety restrictions and how to break through some of the barriers keeping us from good educational web activities.
Nik Peachey

Nik's Quick Shout: Survey Results: Mobile learning for ELT - 1 views

    The purpose of the survey was to ascertain the level of awareness and openness to mobile learning among English language teachers. I also wanted to find out to what degree and how teachers were already using mobile learning both in their teaching and and professional development and to establish whether they would be willing to pay for and use mobile content. The survey also collected information about the teachers' existing access to mobile services and the kinds of device they are using to get access to mobile Internet.
Karen LaBonte

Welcome : - 3 views

    " allows anyone to create an elegant website using personal content from around the internet"
    Interesting possibilities for classroom use.
Caroline Bachmann

Apture - - 18 views

    Application that allows you to learn more about anything you highlight on a website without having to leave the page; make the internet an even greater resource for students!
Dugg Lowe

Paper writing services - 0 views

    It is reported that nowadays the trading volume of the internet essay business has surpassed 2 billion pounds in England, according to a research that has launched in 2009, in university of Manchester a half of the collegers have responded that they were ready to get essays online, and 45% collegers have assured that they have brought essays through companies who offer the service of paper writing help.
Teresa Ilgunas

Bookmarklets | Readability - 11 views

    This tool is fantastic when I want to have the class read a paper version of an internet article, OR when the ads are so distracting that I can't concentrate on what I'm reading.
andrew bendelow

Digital Youth Network: Creating New Media Citizens through the Affinity Learning Model | IJLM - 9 views

    Composing online is not writing alone, as students have done. When he produces an artifact, the networked student creates a communal effort on the Internet.
Adam Babcock

If Romeo and Juliet had mobile phones | Networked - 13 views

    • Adam Babcock
      Yeah... but "wherefore" translates to "why" in our contemporary language...
  • would have allowed Romeo and Juliet to move around, liberated from locale and parental surveillance. They would have been less worried about their families when they were figuring out where to meet. At the same time, their parents would have felt reassured because they could call their children and ask where they were and what they were doing. But, would Romeo and Juliet have told the truth? A location-aware app would also have been useful for parents in tracking them. Or they might have prowled friends’ Facebook updates or photo albums for clues.
  • Romeo and Juliet could find each other now because mobility means accessibility and availability. They’d be on each other’s top-five speed dial. And they would probably have had a location-aware app that that showed exactly where each other were: no wandering the streets of Verona looking for each other.
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  • Public spaces have become more silent, as people concentrate on their text messages, while downwardly-peering texters have limited eye contact.
  • Imagine Romeo making plans to meet Juliet in the park, but his father calls to say that he has to come home immediately. At least, the mobile connection would have allowed Romeo to alert Juliet to his role conflict and possible absence.
  • As long as they talked or texted in private, neither the Montagues nor the Capulets would know – unless, of course, they snuck peeks at the list of previous calls and texts on the phones. Instead of a phone ringing in a home—where all would hear it and possibly become part of the conversation—internet communication and mobile communication are usually exchanges between two individuals.
  • Mobile contact has become multigenerational, as teens—and even children—are increasingly getting their own mobile phones. This affords people of all ages opportunities to become more autonomous agents.
  • As they grew up, Romeo and Juliet had gotten past their childhoods of being household and neighborhood bound.  They made contact by encounters in public places. Teens still do that—the shopping mall is the new agora—but their mobile phones also afford continuous contact with their homes and distant friends.
  • If they are right, Romeo and Juliet might never look up from their mobile phones to see each other. Or, would the course of true love have led them away from their screens and into each other’s arms?
  • The story of Romeo and Juliet is the story of two individuals escaping the bounds of their densely knit groups. It is a story of the social network revolution that began well before Facebook: the move from group-bound societies to networked individuals. This turn to networked individualism transforms communication from being place-based to person-based.
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