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The0d0re Shatagin

Photobie: free image editor, photo editor, screen capture ( screencapture ), GIF animat... - 3 views

    Image editing software. free, can create a scrapbook, edit images, create templates, and screencapture.
Kahlin-Ivie Hilliard

Mr. Picasso Head - 3 views

    With this site you can create a face using various types of eyes, noses, lips, ears, eyebrows and hair. Once you have created a face you can manipulate it by scaling it up or down, rotating or flipping it. You also have the option to save your picture and email it to friends and family. Overall, I think this is a good site for children to explore creative technology. My biggest concerned was I could not find a statement on who the target audience was. For this reason be sure to carefully watch children when they are at this site.
    I really liked and enjoyed this website! I liked the freedom to personalize the face I was creating. With the editing tools of color and scaling up and down, I was able to create numerous completely different faces. I think this activity could be great for older children and could let them explore all of the options online art sites can offer.
Alicia Caldwell

Dabbleboard: The Whiteboard Reinvented - 3 views

    Dabbleboard is an online whiteboard that allows users to visualize, explore, communicate, create, and share their work. Users can chose from two ways of drawing: freehand or computer-recognized shapes. Either way, users can create a multitude of pieces. Dabbleboard can be especially helpful for students. They can create flow charts, organizational charts, or mind maps to process school topics. As well, they can create comic strips, mark on uploaded pictures, or freehand drawings to accompany an original story. There is also a collaborative feature, that allows users to voice and video chate, share with or browse the public library, or send the link of their creation via the web. There are endless possibilities for students to express their creativity using Dabbleboard.
    This can be a great graphic organizer to help students study for tests and communicate while doing projects.
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